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All my great friends and girlfriendsSmiler,

I thought we must have another topic to discuss besides the one we all console each other on. That part will always remain - but what do you all feel of taking all the members to the your parts of the world where most have not been.
I think it would be great if one would talk about the norms, eating habits etc from each area.
This is just a thought as I again feel this is also another way one can stop crazy thoughts from entering our heads and imagine - Sue, Michelle, Deborah, Trev, Alan each in their own sorroundings and we dropping in a guests and learn something about the way from each ( County) Country, Village, State they belong to. I would love to start a quiz and lest see who can score the maximum points at the end of every 15 days or as decided by all as to how many. The quiz master could change every 15 days.
I am pretty tired thinking of just Cancer and even though I have had my share of the worst of the worst do not want anyone to ever think adverse on the situation they are in. This kind of a mind game would help a lot in getting everyone find some peace and solace amid all friends here.
If I am wrong - please do let me know and if I am not do let me know also Smiler!! I know this sounds pretty much childish on my part but keeping your brain power sharp is as important as fighting your way to a great life.

I love you all and its the only place I can relate to each ones joys, miseries, pains, cures and that will always be the prime objective.

What say???
Al my love and Big bear hugs to each one you'll.
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Sounds like fun to me! Big Grin
My name's Michelle, and i'll be your tour guide of Hastings & '1066 country' Smiler
More pubs per squre meter than just about anu other town! & our lovely castle!
Photo albums a great idea!
I think we can get all wrapped up in our cancer roles but there's more to us than that right?!
& i'd love to learn more about down under - like what's it like being upside down? Wink
& India etc.
Lets do this!
Hello Michelle

I have created an album for you called 'Michelle's World' Cool but you have been given 'moderator's rights' so you can delete it and create your own photo album, upload attachments and manage content for this specific forum. If you need help with this, you will find it under 'Tools' in the specific forum.

If anyone else would like an album, let me know.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
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Wale fit like ye ah? ken i'm spearin this is a richt braw idea. Noo ah hale frae a place cad aiberdeen but am bidin in the toon o' Inverurie jist at the meenit. Scoatlan's a fine bonnie place tae bide richt ehnuff. ah hiv a wee dug cad Lana that is aulder an me in duggie years she's a fine bitch but hisnae the first idea o' road sense sos eh hiv tae tak her ahwi oan a leash. ah dinna ken foo ta pit picters oan es place but fin am oan holydays frae next wik ill tak a few and add em in fin ah can. micchty me but ye michtnae ken fit am spikking aboot in ma local twang so let mah translate.

Well how are you all, I do think that this is a very good idea. Born in Aberdeen I now live in Inverurie. Scotland is a very nice place to stay. I have a dog called Lana who in doggie years is even older than me but has little road sense so I take her everywhere on the lead. Like many of us I can't upload photos but will take some when I am on holiday from next week and find out how to put them in later. Oh I forgot you may be unable to understand my dialect so I had better translate. Unquote

sic. for the sassenachs and foreigners amongst us you can't help where your born - so I don't hold that against you!! Ha ha ha love you all. Alan
Dear Dr. Joshi,
I think its great that we were able to get this off and am grateful to you. However, it strange how things just seem to go wrong at times and I owe you an explaination which I will do so via telephone as that would make more sense. If there is anyone with bad luck but great freinds - you are reading his post.
Will call you on the 01st. of September.
With warm regards,
Dear Alan,
I had no idea you speak Greek and I do not how many greeks we actually have here. All Greeks are Shipping tycoons who live a life like the romans elite did. We did not understand a word of what they said. Please, please, please give us all a chance to understand what you said or start teaching us the langauge.
Dear Michelle,
There is no better choice Dr. Joshi could have made to kick start this new discussion. You will make an excellent moderator and am sure you will not anyone pass the line.
You are so right when you say there is much more to life then just talking about it(you know what I mean!!). We all have so many diverse traditions, religions, festivals that I am sure we all can imagine on how life is there - how greener is the grass on the other side of the fenceSmiler!! LETS GO......
luv you,
Ananth Smiler
Hi Alan
I loved your post and actually understood most of it once I started reading with a Scottish accent! Knowing how you sound will add another dimension when I read your entries in future. This is fun! I always read Ananth's posts with an Indian accent.
Do tell us some more about Lana. We have three dogs here (two of ours and one belonging to our son ~ she's a whole different story!!!) My dog is the big mumma and her name (officially) is Mopsorden Black Pearl but we just call her Pearl and she's gorgeous ~ different, but gorgeous nonetheless. Then comes Trevor's dog (who is Pearl's daughter) and her name is Bellatrix Simply Precious. Perhaps Simply Precocious may have been more appropriate!!! They are pugs and as the name suggests, Pearl is black but Precious is a fawn.
Hi Deborah,

Three dogs Jeez, but you have all the space you need in South Australia I guess. Your dogs sound pedigree by their names, mine is a mongrel she is we believe about 12 years old now though we have had her for 8 years when we rescued her from the local cat and dog pound. There's a bit of collie and more than a bit of red setter in her and she has a mind of her own. We have always had a dog since we were engaged, and we have been married 35 years in November. Our first two dogs we had from pups and they were very close: Lana we are sure was badly abused and very very nervous when we got her, and would snap against any sudden movement. She would bare her teeth if anyone got near her food. But she is as soft as putty now and will not let anyone pass by without saying hello. She is black with a curly coat developing arthritis and getting deaf, but her favourite game is tag but I must always be IT.

I wonder sometimes who is master and who is pet but she is now as much a part of the family as my sons and daughter in law. She is off to kennels on Friday as we leave for two weeks up on Kinlochleven mid way between Oban and Fort William in Argyll up in North West Scotland living in a residential caravan. Lana loves the company of other dogs and the Kennel staff adore her, but the welcome I will get when I collect her in a fortnight will be ecstatic and it will take me several minutes to calm the cuddles and kisses so that I can get her harness and lead on. She really has no road sense and would be a road kill in no time if given her head. When I get back from my break I will take her photo in the garden and find out how to put it up. Dogs I find are lke children they put their entire trust and devotion into you and no matter what your mood the welcome never changes, she lies at my feet while I am on the PC speaking to herself, I wish I knew what was going through her lovely head.

Best wishes from Bonnie Scotland to all you sundowners, be in touch when I get Back, love Alan
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Michelle, my bell......
I have really been out of touch for a few days now -three to be precise. And during this period I missed you soooo much.
However am back again, the same old (young)Ananth (what was that one in a billion?-right?). All my family members ganged up against me and forced me to take a visit to the hospital for a normal check up. I had decided que sera sera I would never aagin ever go a hopital but there I was and ushered in with an appointment (being a freak fruit cake who refuses to kick the bucket had its advantages!). As usual my doctor asked me to cut down on my weight and were now working towards creating new trach for me. I am neither overjoyed nor eager as I dont want any disspointments. I have lived long enough with this alternate life style and have got very much use to it anmd the only thing missing that Deborah got wrong was my accent - which is more spanish then anything else. You may not believe it but at times, I have to think of the english word to connect with a sentence in English and its worse when I have my Spanish friends across and then we talk only in Spanish all the time. Once that happens my english is sickening and my wife and sons have to keep corecting me. I was taught to think in Spanish and hence once I am thinking in the same, and I have to also use english, I make a mess!
I really cannot claim to have any pets as I had one very special Aphso -. He was really handsome with a little bit of his toungue sticking out. He was treated with royalty and at times it really took the cake. I recall once when we went for a picnic to the beach when my father lived there and I was there for a holiday and the guy got a sunstroke. My God !!!! The calls that were made had all the doctors (vets and others) rush to duty and he was brought in!Needless to say he died a very natural death after which we all decided that no other could take 'pixie's' place in our lives.
I do not know how many people have visited India or Barcelona - my two haunts. I have started taking some decent snaps of all the heritige sites in North India which includes the Taj Mahal and would love to post them on the site. Another thing I would love to post is how the dressing changes from state to state and the langauge too. Its really mind boggling and I still recall once when I went to my ancestrol home in Mangalore - just off the western coast towards Goa (it explains my Portuguese). My second cousins had all decided that family ties were very important and should always be mantained and Boy! did I have some time trying to talk in my mother tongue - Konkani, which is a dialect and not a langauge and unless it passed down the line one can forget about the same. Its only the surname that helps. I have never seen so many people laugh at both my sons and I - but in good fun. Sonya was spared as she is a north Indian and is not expected to know the langauge. Anyway to cut the story short - we came back to Delhi and realised that our tryst with our community was over and the last of the pure blooded people from this end were the true konkanis ( as we are known). None of the kids of the next generation are not eligible to be call them selves Konkanis - though my two sons do get a certain amount of respect being the only boy amid eight girls - belonging to my brother and sister. You know something funny - its more then normal that all marraiges in the clan are arranged by the families and the boy or the girl have no say in the issue - would you believe it every konakni family would pick my brothers but I a was no no! I used to have a great laugh but my dad used to get hyper. He would then start off on lectures on smoking, drinking, womanising and living abroad. I am really grateful to the communtity that they kept me out as I would have been miserable with a woman who would cover her face, wear saris and lots of jewellry all the time and would have no idea of what the outside world was all about... and I was not in a mood to teach any of them. I kept wondering if this was the case in Delhi ( seeing other marraiges) she would have probably died of a heart attack in Spain (even if she saw the way we greet by kisses on eih cheek . The message,however, was very clear -marriage proposals were limited only to my two brothers and my name should not even be mentioned and would never be!
I have travelled extensively all over India as much as abroad and would love to take snaps of places which today serve as lovely memories which I may never get to see the actual places ever again. These are snaps I would like to post and all these monuments or heretige sites are around my place and and are accessable in ten minutes from home. I would like to post - the Qutub Minar, the Safdarjung tomb, Humayuns tomb (on which the Taj Mahal took its design) Even the history behind it is amazing. The Qutub Minar is one of the highest towers among the sites and unfortunately the top two floor wer destroyed by lightining. It also became a favorite for lovers to commit suicide (morons) and so the governement decided to shut of the entrance and one can see the tower fro close and its wall are just fantastic with the sayings from the Koran are engraved. The place also boasts of the Ashoka Pillar made of metal unknown to man. It has never rusted thorugh all these centuries. It is said that is you can hug the pillar by touching both you hands/ fingers standng in a position where one is facing away from the pillar. Trust me its tough but if you do .... you are one lucky person.
I would love to take you all on a trip to not just agra for the Taj Mahal and the red fort (which are excatly the same - one in Delhi and one in Agra), but to carry on to Rajasthan via Jaipur which is full of palaces and kings still hand around. Tourists go ga ga when the confront the maharaja! This is the area where all the celebs want to get married in ( Hurley for example).Jaipur is a lovely place and is known as the "pink City" of India and thats because all the building are in pink. The Queen like the one in the UK refuses to hand over the reigens to the lawful heirs and its creating some bitter in house fights. She has two lovely palaces and a third whch is high on top of a mountain and is just something amazzing. The hotels she has got converted to hotels are also the most expensive. One room night ( off season) in any hotel in Delhi / Agra or Delhi costs one around 300 US$ per night and booking have to be done well in advance. To be fair - I have never seen such lovely hotels anywhere in the world. Jaipur also has two forts along the mountains which engulf the valley and were the perfect defence for any attacks by the Mughals. And they worked. Now being a tourist spot its pretty good fun going up the mountain by way of riding an elephant (you heard right!). The econd fort has been sealed off to everyone by the Indian government and noone can access it - not even the maharaja. It is said that the fort contains all the priceless stuff and now belongs to the Indian government. None of us know how true this is but with so much effort going into it, I am sure there is something more then that meets the eye. Rajasthan is a desert and its winds are nothing short of the Sahara. Wow that was a small discreption of many things to comeas we have just skimmed the suface. We still have a "famous snake charmers" and a whole lot more on the Elephants and monkeys that live around all these areas.

I really do not want to bore you all - but if you do wnat to hear maore - say AYE and I will continue or just say Ananth - SHUT UP and I'll end my travelogue.

Love to all - Alan, Suzie, Deborah, Paul and all each and every one here who as I always mantain is my extended family. Love you all and ending here with one bear hug- big enough to engulf all of you'll. Michelle you get a another special hug.

PS : I really want to know - is it wrong if a I give a woman, a lady or a girl by way of saying Hi, thanks or bye in the UK ? I have met a number of guys who did try and got snubbed very badly.

Between the two "C's - I think 'Cricket' goes far ahead of the secondary one. One can live with the one but no way without cricket.
Hey You! Big Grin

Glad you went for a check-up. I know what you mean about not wanting people poking and prodding you unless its actualy necessary! Don't hold any high expection so then you wont be dissapointed, but always keep that glimmer of hope!
Your stories never bore anyone Ananth, Plus - we could always skip through the boring bits *lol* just playing!

Re. Whether or not ou can hug a british woman- we're a bit particular about who we let in our personal space... hence the guys getting snubbed!
We generally ony hug when we're drunk, or our family/best fried/partners.
But you could hug me any day! Wink

As i said, we love your tales & misadventures!

Hi Michelle,
Wow you have made my day, my pretty one. Actually I think I bungled up my question slightly - I missed out on an important word. I am not talking about hugs but am talking about a peck ( a kiss ) on either cheek?.Even after having been to England so many times I have wondered as I told you a couple of my friends really got the royal snub ( no - they did not go to give kisses to the Queen ). In Spain it is a very normal practise where not just men kiss women on both the cheeks but also men kiss men and women to women (no they are not gay!!). To be even more honest - even I got snubbed! I was sittinng in the Concord lounge after having had a nice hot shower, a fresh change of clothes and smelling pretty ok with Paco Rabbane - mt favorite aftershave lotion. I went into the lounge and helped my self to the food there and the drinks. It was just fantastic. I managed to et one computer ro surf and called Sonya to chat.
The young lady who was looking after me refused to accept a tip and then I tried to give her a peck on either cheek and she just jumped back as though I was going to do something much more. I apologised and asked her the same question and she somehow did not give me a proper answer.

Love u Michelle,
Mmmm... Paco Rabanne...
I wear Thierry Muggler - Angel.

As for the kisses on the cheek - BIG NO NO!! Roll Eyes
If some randome guy tryed to kiss me on cheeks when i just met him i'd be freaked out! WHO IS THIS WEIRDO?? GET OUT OF MY SPACE! Shaking hands would be more apropriate. She probably thought you were making a ove on her Ananth - you little smoothie! Big Grin
No, no, no... we just don't DO that here! Especialy us southerners, we're faaaaar too prudish! Wink
Dear Michelle,
This a very normal thing in Spain, Italy etc. but I noticed the British upper lip refuse to accept as a token of friendship. Well good for them - If they are carrying any kind of infection the world at large is safe Smiler!!.The time I tried to give a peck was just beacse she was very nice and polite. If I had to by looks I would have run or sprinted all the way to India!!! I met up with some spanish girls as the security and when I told them about my "kissing : "experience" - they had a blast but thanks to that they became good friends of mine!!
I will remember nver to hug a English woman or a man - let alone give a peck of a kiss on either cheek when you are introduced or meet and do the same when you leave. We never use the word "good bye" in spanish as it is not considered to be friendly - its always see you later, see you in a few hours, see yo tomorrw etc.
But.... Ha! lets meet up ad see how you could refuse me. I am very huggable and kissable and have had lot of practise. So I am keeping only that part open forgetting about the rest of the Bristsh.
Lots and lots of love and xxxxxxxx Confused
Hi guys, Been reading your posting and am wondering how do I address people in India as up to now only spoken with other tourists when in India.
I would normally shake their hand be it a man or a woman but I do that mainly because I caanot get the words out quick enough like "good evening or Hey or Hi.
I have made a quick desision to visit a friend of mine in Delhi I arrive there on his birthday 8th Sept for 9 days.
I am also very worried about what I am going to eat when going out as my mouth is still far from OK and sore right now.
Does anyone think it would be wise for me to go for vegatarian dishes as I presume they will not be as strong or hot as meat curries.
Would you belive that the menus on the plane are all curries both ways Big Grin
I cannot even take food with me as I normally do as they will not let you now.
I have contacted Ananth and I do hope to meet him and hopefully Ananth will be my tour guide, It would be just great to meet him and his wife Sonya as we have been emailing each other for some time now.
Any suggestions of food to eat whilst in India would be gratefully recieved.


Hello Everyone
I/we have been out of the loop for a few days. Poor Trevor is really not well (as expected) and time is just disappearing before my eyes.
Wow! There are so many posts to catch up on. That's great.
Alan, you will be away by now and having yourself a lovely holiday I hope. Love the sound of your dog ~ she sounds rather like our son's dog Misty who came from the pound, is rather nervy and head over heels in love with Jack. She pines for him something terrible. Pearl detests her (just because Pearl is Pearl) and uses up so much energy trying to let Misty know that she is top dog! It's funny (pathetic, but funny). Look forward to seeing the pics when you get back.
Hey Ananth!
You're steaming up the screen a bit with all this kissing talk! I was a bit shocked to hear that I'm reading you with the wrong accent. Are you sure? Really sure, you don't have an Indian accent? I won't be able to stop reading that way because that is the tone I get from your words.
It's so hard for me to imagine all of the history and age of your country and England. We are so new down here and just don't have the ancient heritage of the northern hemisphere. It all sounds great and I can't wait to see your 'tours'.
Hi Paul
It's good to see your posts and great to read that you have a nice holiday coming up. All this travelling sounds so easy to those of you up the top of the world.
Your picture was Trevor's and my first contact with the site, Paul so even though I've not 'spoken' to you before, I feel that I've known you for a while now. Your story was the first Trevor and I came across.
I hope you're well ( must be I guess if you are off on hols).
Have a great holiday and don't let Ananth lead you astray!!!!
Hi Chelle
I've been thinking of you often since I read your post last week (?) re your blood clot. I hope all is well and that you're feeling great. Know we are thinking of you.
Love to you all
Hi Deborah,
We missed you ( I miss all the women!!) and we are so happy to have you back ( I hve to say all these things - you know society and all that!!). It was really good to hear about Trev birthday and you must have read the wishes I have already sent.
Our world travels began pretty well Alan took us around, Michelle took us to some plains and old buildings ( just old stuff, she says are ruins!!. So - its upto you to start off on down under ( by the way - out of curiosity - id you know that when water drains out from a sink - its sinks out in a anticlockwise twirl compared to a clock wise twirl in the rest of the word?.
Actually Deborah - each one forms an opinion of another person because of the country they come from. As I normally see Aussie as really pretty and love their accents ( and trust me I know a lots of Aussie girls!!Smiler). My accent, though I am of Indian origin was never really typically Indian as we spoke only the Queens english at my home as my father was in the Army and that was the army lingo and then after I left India at such a youg age - the I developed a totally new and wierd accent - a cross between English and Spanish and found none could understand me!!
It took some time but then managed to control my thoughts to split the two langauges. I do get a lot of wierd looks here as people are not sure in what langauge they should speak to me!
However, just for you - carry on Ananth... with a Hindi accent and start every sentence with an AIH AIH HO - which means now what!!!.
I am glad Paul is planning to come to India as it will give us both a chance to meet and talk. No - no leading anyone astray - I promise I will behave myself. I only hope he speaks to his doctor about all the pros and cons of getting on such a long haul flight.
...and Deborah - how come you have not spoken about my snaps? I know you are going to say there are not any - they are there on Ananth's story. Most of them are post cancer except a few which were taken in Mexico just a week or two before diagnoses! When I see those snaps ( the special ones I hve hidden away, makes me wish I never had been to the doctor for any kind of biopsy or check up. Life was a bit too kind to me and guess that was just to make me happy before the storm started! - I think I have made up for it here!
Write soon as its really great to hear your posts. I would love to keep going back to your country but thinking about a 30 hour journey, with a stop over makes me shudder!
Do wish Trev - all the very best on this special day - which is still on in India but just over down under!
Hi Ananth
You'll have to wait until I can think clearly before I set off on our Tour Down Under (you won't even need a bicycle, unlike the other more famous Tour Down Under). I don't think I'll be able to do the whole picture thing though because of my inability with technology.
By the way ~ I knew all about the water down the plug thing. At a very early age we are taught about the top end of the world doing things in strange ways!
You know Ananth it's a wonder you don't have an identity crisis. So many countries, so many languages! How do you know who/what you are from one day to the next? You're a real mixed bag, aren't you.
I think it was today that Paul was heading to Delhi. Have I got that right? I guess you two will be out painting the town red sometime real soon. Hope you have a blast.
I have not spoken of your snaps Ananth because I was lost for words! Here I was thinking you looked like Tom Cruise (like your ID pic with your posts) and it turns out you're some hunk from uptown Delhi! See, you've even got me confused as to just who is this Ananth? Only joking of course and thought your pics were beaut.
Take care
HI Deborah, Ananth and guys, Unfortunatly my mouth has not been good this week swollen up due to my rotting teeth, Went to maxfax today and he suggested not going to Delhi so I am very dissapointed so will Ananth be as we were looking foreward to meeting in person.
I would have got there Sat am on my friends birthday so its a letdown for him too.
Well I live to fight and a flight another day

see yer guys

Dear Deborah,
I somehow feel you really hit the nail on its head. I really do have an identity crisis and have had it for a long time. Though I am Indian by birth - I can hardly speak our mother tongue - Hindi and have never tried writing or reading it. I preferred to do French in school in lieu of Hindi which i know I would have never got through. All my siblings and parents have always spoken in English with us and hence it is what became our mother tongue.
Somehow, I was born very different from the my two other brothers and sister - my thinking process was extremely more wider and would not look at life just from one angle. Almost everyone in the family feels that I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth as almost everything I did - did it with a lot of determination and risk. The opportunities came my way in abundance and I took them.My parents would always mutter that I was the only one who did not have to slog to achieve something and that in turn used to make me really feel bad for my siblings, who I would studying really hard for all their exams. I was lucky that I could just read my books once and could retain everything and studies were never a problem. I sinished high school as a very young age - just 14 years old and then had completed my University majoring in Business and Commerce by the time I was 17.Can you imagine I never did like these subjects but only did them because all my friends were into them. I completed my MBA in international marketing at an age where most start their MBA and was fully qualified by the time I was 21. This gave me time to see the world and I spent a good two years travelling all over the globe. Spanish was and is very special to me. I feel a bond for the Country thats very hard to describe - but I always think of it as home. I guess it was my age which got me thinking to way I do - I was just 17 when I landed in Spain and had one heck of a time as I had no idea about Spanish and no friends who could speak English. I had to study Spanish first and I did on a one on one basis where my teacher could not speak a word of English and I was made to have breakfast and lunch with him and eight hours of study six days a week and for one full year. I realised how fluent I had become when I was in hospital fo an appendix operation and on coming out of GA - I asked for water in Spanish and not English. I had been brainwashed. University brought around the other langauges and I made some great friends from all over the globe with who would inteact in their langauge. It was a lovely experience. Then came along a day when I was walking down the Ramblas in Barcelona ( I had hair upto my waist and was walking bare chested), when I found this guy following me around. I found that he would keep staring at me and finally he came upto me and saked me if I was a model. I replied in the negative and then he asked me if I would like to be one. I had no idea as to who he was and what was I supposed to do. Being the risk taker I agreed and I found myself hitting the gym at a very pacy way and getting some muscles which i never knew existed. He then got me into doing aerobics and I would feel pretty stupid but then I managed to go through with that too. Finally the grooming - my hair styled but left really long - some great clothes which were a great fit and I ws ready to walk the ramp for the first winter fashion show in Milan. I walked the ramp in Milan, Paris and Barcelona and also did a lot of stills. I continued with my modelling for a very long time as it was a very paying proposition and especially when I found out who the person who put me through all this was - our great designer - Valentino. I had to give up my modelling once I got married as my wife put her foot down.
One thing I have and which noone can take away from me is the fantastic life I have led and I have truly been a citizen of the world and not just India and Spain. I am lucky that I got educated in the very best of institutons, got recognition beyond my expectations. I used to really take my health very seriously and my work outs were always regular and for that matter even today I work out for an hour at the gym and run a good 4 km every morning. Its tough but I just do it ( Nike told me to say that!). I cannot complain about my life and hence I cannot complain about my cancer. All the good things happened to me and I never once asked why - all this was happening to me alone and now I find no reason why I should ask why did I get cancer ( a saying by Athur Ashe on winning the Wimbeldon). The photos you see on the site are recent and not before the cancer struck and then the fetish for modelling for snaps was always there. A problem I face here is that I do not dress up as all Indians do - and a lot of people refuse to believe that I am Indian. I have people using abusive langauge on me in Hindi, thinking I would not understand and I used to have a great laugh when I gave them a shock by speaking to them in Hindi!
Paul has deffered his trip and thats not been a nice change in plans as was looking forward to meeting him in person and showing him around Anyway - there will be another time.
I really wish each one of you'll could make a trip down to India as though I am not an Indian by heart - I am however by birth and some of the things we have here are unimaginable - The Taj Mahal , the two red forts, the various emprors tombs, the temples - some made in pure gold. Its really worth a visit but one must remember - you could spend all your life in India and still not see everything that India has to offer and I believe that.
Tell Trev - he better get up and get set for a trip to India. You both will be looked after really well.
Boy - that was some story of my life in short and I have been barred from writing my biography by my mum. She says there will be a lot of broken homes, divorces and some back lashes if I do so!!! I agreed with her and stopped my writing - so all my secrets will remain withen me and everyone will be safe.
Like I said I really miss my trips to your lovely Country and remember all the wonderful times I have spent there (I have not been to a single casino!!). Anyway - all things have to come to an end and in my case it came a little earlier then anticipated but at least after I had done everything I wanted to do and i never ever lie!!!! I have always called a spade a spade and thats it.
However for now wish Trev all the very very best from this part of the world where the water goes down clockwise and lots and lots of love to you.
Hi Ananth, Always great to read your writings.
I too feel I had a good life and nothing to go back for but when I say to people "I have had my life"
What do I mean/
Well the C has made sure I slow down to a snails pace and my self esteem gone for ever.Have not really lived the high life but seen most of the world I want to see except more of India which I love.
Goa specially I like so much as the sea has something thats makes me feel so calm and content.
My orignal plan was to goto Goa and open a Restaurant with friend of mine when I was 45 yo but this obviously was shelved when th C came in 01.
Keep writing Ananth love your true life stories

Dear Paul,
You have always been a dear friend and I have always enjoyed chatting with you. As I have mentioned earlier - there is no reason to loose your self esteem in any way - in fact you should be the one with "the attitude". Its kike saying -" anyone can rule the world as I care a damn - just get out of my face!" That is attitude and along comes everything else with it ( self esteem etc.)
You know me well enough to have realised that I do have an attitude ( though not with anyone here) and a massive ego. I have never ever accepted at being just good at anything I have done. It was the best or nothing - but never anything in between.
The moment you believe in yourself and consider yourself as the best - you are creating an aura around you that noone can enter. The aura is where your self esteem and every thing potitive is. Its upto to you to get into that aura and take life in your own hands and not worry. Everything has a begining and everything has a life span - thats the way of the world and will never change. Do you imagine I really want to die? If I was hale and hearty -without the peg tube and the tracheostomy in my throat, I would have made every attempt to fight harder even this time - but I am no longer a perfect person and something I cannot accept of myself. Its best to go away and return once again with the perfection traits I always had.
Take care,
Dear Anath,
I was trying to post some news about my brother who has recently been given a "bill of health" and I stumbled upon your site. Wow, what a marvelous idea. I am a journalist here in Hollywood, California and I work on a college magazine and newspaper. My brother didn't want to join your web-site as he was too sick and depressed when I first asked him. Now he is wants to share his experiences and progress with others. He doesn't want to dwell on his problems
and says your idea is the perfect way to share our different lifestyles via the Internet. He lives in the desert in Palm Springs and he and his wife are professional photographers who live in retirement. Now that he is almost out of the woods - he wants to be a part of your dream. In order to think of something other than what his
illness forced him to do. Think of survival 24/7.
I personally loved your article about kissing. My boyfriend is from Argentina and he doesn't understand my family's aversion to being hugged and kissed. I think it is charming and I love his friends who greet me that way. What a better world it would be if we could all hug and kiss each other upon meeting. Talk about breaking the ice or barriers. He is a musician who has lived in Barcelona. He wants to send you pictures of him and some famous musicians he met there.
I am a photographer also and would love to share some customs and pictures of my city - Hollywood.
You are so clever to think of a way to normalize
a life that has been turned up side down. I am put in mind of a story I read once. A lady was sitting in a restaurant and her daughter had a disfiguring illness that affected her looks. She explained to some unthinking adult who came up and wanted to know what was wrong. She said, "Laura is not her chin" I thought then as I do now that it was a perfect squelch for someone. I took it to heart because of the size of my big rear end, I used to get teased and hear remarks. I would always tell myself, " I am not my bum".
Dearest Scoop,
My God - the amount you have showered me praises, I am really standing tall and am on top of the world ( I normally am!Smiler). I am really happy about your brother being given a complete okay and you must convince him to post his story as it will mean a lot to a lot of people. One other thing is that helps you get everything out of system as eachone here has been through various degrees of trauma and would be glad to see what your brother did and what they could do and exchange ideas.

You know Scoop, strangely enough I have never ever been to the US - and in fact never wanted to. Now dont ask me why - but it just happened so. My sister lives in the US and very often before I contracted my Cancer, I would be travelling to Mexico and would spend weeks there. My sister would pester me to come across - but I was adamant and would ensure she came over to Mexico. However, that does not mean I dont know of how things work in the US and what the places are like - Palm Springs. It must be really great for your brother and sister in law, have settled down in a great place and must be really happy living a retired life there. Do me a favor and tell him - life does not get over till the last breath and as long as you are breathing live all those moments like a king and do everything as if there was no tomorrow. Live every moment. Once you are able to do that - all your thoughts on the illness vanish and in due course you will have even forgotten about it. Please, once again, do me thgis favor.

Ahh.. the kissing bit. It is funny how things work in various parts of the world and how one learns from people of that Country. Having lived in Spain for most of my younger days, I always felt felt hugging and giving a peck on one or both cheeks was perfectly fine. It is the done thing - but it turned out something else in the UK and thats why I put that poser.
I agree with you when you say - its one of the best ways to greet each other as it does bring out the warmth of friendsship and even ifone is not on very good terms - it helps in forgiving. As I used to travel all over Spain, South America and Mexico - it was greeting with hugs and kisses - be it between men and women, men and men, women and women. There was nothing extraordinary about the exchange of greeting this way. Even though I live in India now, I still follow the practise and noone has objected but have seen a lot of others doing it too. Guess its very infectious. Barcelona will always be home to me and I truly love the place but my days of travel are over and though at times I think about how things could have been -I just break off and think of now.

I recall in 1998, when I had still not been diagnosed, my life was forever shuttling between Argentina , Mexico and India. Working of Mercedes Benz and as we were setting up assembly lines in India - it became my job to ensure the machinery etc. that was to come from Argentina and Mexico came on time. As I was the only guy who could speak both Spanish and English - I was the chosen one. I know one thing for certain - there are no ugly Argentinans - so bet your boyfriend must be the envy of all your other lady friends! They are fitness crazy and they never miss their work out timings - this was good for me as I too work out a lot and it gave me a chance to do the same.
It would be great if you would post some of the snaps - but not of the normal Hollywood we all see but the other parts as well.The famous road or sidewalk where all the celebrities have put their prints ( dont know why I was never called!!Smiler)and other lesser known spots. It would be great to be in touch with all of you'll - starting with you, your 'novio', your 'hermano'.
Do ask him to start - it will bring about major changes in his outlook towards life. He can see how life is truly beautiful if you make it so.
I dont even want to comment on the uncouths who have no common sense and talk through their hats without or with realising they are hurting a person. I wish they would put themselves in that situation for a moment and think before talking.

So - waiting eagerly to hear from your brother and all the details of your boyfriends stay in Barcelona and the musicians? Who knows we may some we know in common.

Take care and lots of love, kisses and hugs to each one of you,
Dearest Steve my freind,
I loose nothing if I flatter someone or get flattered as it makes both sides happy. After that post episode, I have decided never ever to get angry on the forum or in real life. I have started off on a new mantra and it really works. The mantra is just agree with everything - even if you are wrong accept its you fault, if someone abuses you just say it must be true- just accept things as they are and never ever loose your cool. Try it -you will see how it works.
If Sonya tells me she is going for a movie - I never say no, if she says she is going to be late from work or an outing I just say okay and dont ask any more questions. Even hen she returns or anything else, I never ask as to what happened or how the evening went off - what did she eat, was the movie good - nothing. Even as far as my sons are concerned I have become too weary to give lessons and talks to them - so I have stopped. If they need something - I tell them to go to Sonya as I have nothing left - no money, no house, no bike, no car - its al theirs -so its Sonya who should decide what has to be done.
I really enjoy this forum but have become very careful of what to put down as what is good for you may be bad for someone else - so I follow the middle path and am quite happy that way.

Adding to the flattery bit - I always mean what I say and say things without rancour. This is what I learnt after the cancer hit me and resurfaced. I am a very content person in the manner I have lived (I keep sayin that) and even now I continue to live the same way - due a bit subdued. Flattery comes naturally to me and guess thats why I had so many girlfriends and got me everything! Now who would not like that? So now you have found out my secret on getting on in life!!!I am just joking Steve - before you too start taking anything too seriously and think I am just prodding you. You know me and my sense of humor so dont ever get bugged with what I say as it is always said with good intentions. If I can help someone - I see no reason why I cannot share their pain as I know what it is to be going through this cancer trauma - just as you. Its become second nature to me and I just carry on the way I have always been.

What have you been upto? I am not going to talk about any trips but tell me how is your daughter? I hope she is happy and so are you. It would be nice if you did keep in touch more often - as I for one will always reply.
Lots of love, pecks on the cheek along with a bear sized hug,
Now come on my love to be flattered ;-)))). So do I !!! ...I would venture to say that we all do. Its the nature of those of us with big egoes. So I think flattery will get those everywhere with you! I think your great!
My daughter is doing well and is now on a trip for 2 weeks in Peru. She thinks that graduating college entitles her to travel all over the world at my expense and she knows I never say "NO" to her even when I initially say no. She lives the life of a Princess and I want to come back in my next life as her. I decided that I didn't want to interfere with your reunion when I arrived in Barcelona for just a few days. Didn't think you sounded like you were really up for company.
I hope your doing ok and things are as well as they can be for you under the circumstances of your current situation. I feel for you Ananth, and I'm sorry that your having to go through so much with this awful disease that inflicts so much misary on everyone who comes in contact with it. Their is nothing nice about it. Even your e-mail to me sounds as if you are feeling very subdued and that is very understandable under the circumstances. Hang in their Ananth, you make many and or some of the people here happy most and or some of the time;-)))). Yes....I do see that your trying to behave yourself lately. And I do appreciate the peck on the cheeks and the bear hugs too having come from an Italian family by origin.
Luv, kisses on the cheeks and a very big hug to you too, Steven
Dear Steve,
Hi Once again. Trust me I am not subdued at all and am still full of fun and life. I just wanted to have peace on the forum and hence my post - which I honestly did mean. I know how its with kids- even when you say no to them for anything -the very next moment they have this knack of getting you say yes. We are both in the same boat!
Oh yeah - I guess you got the feeling of my being more subdued because of the damn cold which is really unbearable and am just waiting for summer to srrive - provided I am still around to enjoy the sun ..... but then Ananth is immortal and as the book you will read soon enough - "for men may come and men may go, but I go on forever".

You know strangely enough I never once questioned myself by asking why me? I just accepted it and took things in a positive manner. I calmed down the pace I was living at, took out all my clothes from my suitcase and began to see life in a different way. Then again there was nothing else left in my life to do that I had missed out on.

So here once again I am going to sign off with the pecks on both the cheeks and a big bear hug and want to see you keep posting (it would be great if you tested my general knowledge - I am flattering myelf again!!Smiler

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