Hello everyone,
You can imagine why i'm here so i'll just get to the pointSmiler
For a month or so I'm able to feel with my finger a small lump on the underside of the tongue (where all the veins are, not floor of the mouth). It feels like there is grain of sand (it's only about a 1-2mm big) there and in the mirror it looks like small raised spot. Looks a bit translucent/white but since it's small its hard to tell. To me it seems to be growing slowly but i'm not sure since it's small. Do you think should I be worried?

I'm not due for regular appointment for next 2 months and I don't want to go on in my head about it all the time...
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Hello PeteYorn

It is unlikely that a cancer would remain the size of a tiny grain under your tongue for over a month. If it gets larger and disturbs tongue function, you should ask for an very much earlier appointment! If not, just keep the appointment you have. Hope that helps. Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes

Vinod Coffee
Thanks a lot for your opinion. I'll do what you ask, keep a close eye on it and if it doesn't go away ask my dentist about it on the next appointment.
What do you think, in your opinion, could be the culprit here?
And how fast is usually the dynamic of growth of the big c?
Thanks once again!
Well, here's a small update. Yesterday I've visited ENT for some other reason (long term problem with breathing through my mouth instead of nose) and i've asked him to look around my mouth.

I haven't specifically showed him the tongue pimple/bump because i wanted to see whether he will notice anything. He looked around cheeks, teeth, throat, tonsils and in the end also did inspect the floor of the mouth and under the tongue and everywhere else and noticed nothing. He said that everything looks fine with no abnormal growths and/or suspicious lesions. He even wrote it down on the diagnosis.

In the end he told me that everything is normal and that i shouldn't look too much in my mouth anyway because every time i look i'm sure to find at least 30 things that look abnormal to me. And if i go searching about it on the internet afterwards, i'll always find results about cancer. So, he said, I should better just do a routine examination here and there, and for the rest let doctors do their work. He also said that things like cancer don't happen overnight and that usually the biggest problem is with careless people who don't go to dentist or generally don't ever mind or notice what happens in their mouth.

It was the sanest thing I've heard in ages and went a long way to reassuring me.Smiler

In the end i didn't even mention the tongue pimple to him, but i reckon he would have noticed it anyway if it was anything suspicious. Also, if it continues growing, i'll notice it and can always go in again.
Do you think that that's the right way of thinking, Dr. Joshi?
Thanks once again for having this forum, it's been very informative...

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