Well, in April i found a small lump INSIDE my tongue, it's not at the side, more at the edge of the right side of my tongue, and it's relatively insible since you can only feel it and it's not easy to see and it doesn't hurt, but well, i have brackets, so luckily i have to go with my dentist once a month, i told her and she told me that it's just some enlarged papillae, that it would go away in two weeks, she told me to go with her if the lump wasn't gone in 15 days, but i couldn't because i was in vacations with my sister (Who is at the other side of the country).
Well, when i went with my dentist i told her that the lump wasn't gone so she told me that if it wasn't gone for the next time i see her she was gonna send me with the surgeon, so he can do a biopsy, but she told me that sometimes glands get swollen, so maybe it's that.
I'M SO SCARED, i think my biopsy will be in August 2nd, so, less than a month.
I just wanted to share this... and hopefully receive some kind words, because i have anxiety and hychopondria, and other health problems... so, i'm scared to have cancer, i'm 16, i'm scared that it's too late, or something like that. I'm scared that my parents don't have money and we don't have medical enssurance.
Well... just that. I will also accept ideas about what this could be.

Good day, everyone!
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Hello Helena

It is very unlikely that at age 16, you would have a mouth cancer. It is probably something else. It is not possible to make a diagnosis over the Internet. Don't keep trying to self-diagnose or you will start imagining that you have the things you read about! Keep your appointment with the specialist but do get seen earlier if it grows bigger or hurts. Do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes

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