I am a 44 year old femalw with Stage IV Squamos Cell Anal cancer patient. I have completed my treatement as of May 2007 and am currently NED. I had a bad pap 20 years ago and believe the HPV virus lay dormant in my system for many years and grew when I was pregnant in 2005.

I am worried about Oral Cancer now as well. I have had three areas biopsied last month and they were hyperplastic but not cancerous. I now have discovered a bump like a very small pea on my upper left soft palate. I cant get in for a new biopsy for two weeks. It was not there 5 weeks ago so I am pretty worried. It is next to one of the areas that was biopsied. I have been very sick with an upper respitory infection and have been sleeping with cough drops at night in my mouth etc. for the last two weeks although that stopped a few days ago.

I am wondering if the "pea" could be anything related to my upper respitory illness or if it sounds like it is something I should push to get into see someone faster? Is Oral cancer normally extremely fast growing?

Sorry for the long winded question but I was misdiagnosed as having hemorrhoids for two years which is why they found my cancer so late stage.


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