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Now this may seem frivolous to some of you men but it is a serious matter.

The swelling is reducing in my face, this is leaving the skin empty (and a bit, well, wrinkled) I know that this will right itself eventually but apart from walking round grinning (grimacing) does anyone have any tips because I am not vain but I want to look pretty?

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Dear Waspy, it is not frivolous at all. As you rightly say, your face will finally adapt and your skin will find ts original tightness, as it happened to my formerly ballooning face and neck. In the meantime, I suggest avoiding sun rays and using a good face and neck cream. Ask a dermathologist for treatments including face massages in the near future.
Keep going!
Dear waspy,

Here´s a grandmother recipe for face tighntess: Use an egg white, beat it until until soft peaks start to become visible. Apply on clean face (just don´t apply over eyes and lips) , and leave it on about half an hour. (It´s pure protein) It will become hard. Wash in warm water, and apply your usual nourishing cream.

Ready to go!
I remember this too. Perhaps it was a 60s thing! We used to just whisk the egg whites and add a little honey. When it dries you feel as though you've been turned into a piece of lacquered furniture!
Don't (repeat DON'T) get it in your eyebrows. Ouch. My girlfriend and I once lathered our faces with this stuff, placed a slice of cucumber over our eyes and laid our weary (probably 18 year old!) bodies down to relax and both went to sleep. When we woke up we had two cucumber slices set solid onto our eyebrows. It was very, very funny. It rinses off easily enough (providing you don't sleep for a couple of hours while it's in situ!!!)
egg whites are very good for healing skin,i can remember back in the early 70's my son had nappy rash and creams were not working and the health visitor told me to use egg white on his bottom and let the air get to it with the egg white on his bottom and leave the nappy off,it worked a treat and within a day it had all cleared,so i hope it works for you. shirl xxx

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