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My FIL is under diagnosis and it looks like stage 1 oral cancer. He had a lump on lower lip which is under biopsy ( he used to smoke ) .
would like to know what will be the side effects if he undergo radiation therapy for cancer cells around lips ? ( Doc says surgery will not help ) .
Will radiation therapy around the the lips cause fatigue & weakness similar to therapy in other parts of the body ?
also can you guys please suggest what will be normal duration & frequency of the therapy ( i know its case specific , but please just throw a ballpark number) .
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Hello nivas01

Generally, a stage 1 oral cancer of the lip would be treated just with surgery unless there's a suspicion of spread confirmed by aspiration biopsy of a lymph node in the neck. The radiotherapy would be for the lymph node spread. This link will tell you more about the side effects of radiotherapy from patients perspective.

Hope all goes well.

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