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Mouth cancer patients have to adjust to many changes after surgery and radiotherapy. Deciding what foods we can tolerate with altered taste buds, difficulty in swallowing etc. can be one of the most important and challenging changes we face. A good diet is essential for healing and maintaining a healthy weight, but knowing what foods to choose (or avoid) can be an exercise in 'trial and error'.

Could you take a minute to respond to the poll to see if there is a need for an exchange of recipes and ideas. Thank you very much.
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Hello Brenda

This is an excellent idea. I invite members to contribute recipes they have found useful. I propose that 8 lucky members be chosen later by a draw of those who contribute to form the tasting committee to grade them.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation would be very happy to sponsor this event. Non-UK members who get chosen will receive a MCF T-shirt to compensate them for not being able to join in the tasting committee's Razzer yummy Razzer work. So everyone get contributing!).

Note: Every contribution will count as an entry into the draw but you can only win once 'cos there is only one of you, I hope. Yikes

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee (Pizza anyone)
Absolutely. I have come up with some different things for me. I was always a good cook; some folks thought I was gourmet. Now I would give a lot for gourmet. However if we pass our ideas along - it may help some or all of us. We are all different in our needs, but all ideas would be welcome. Take care and pass any recipes along. Most of the folks I know think mine are different, though most meet the standards of typical fare - I am just very limited in what I can eat. Big on pureeing; soups; marinated items - I have practically become a vegatarian. You all take care.
Hello Teri, Great to hear that you have some different ideas for preparing food, especially when lots of us have such a limited diet now. Like you, I have all my food pureed and it can look dull, but it doesn't have to taste dull does it! With a bit of imagination we can eat most things, even salad, but not in the way we have been used to!! I have gone through more than my fair share of blenders, smoothies and juicers in the last two years!! I think the majority of MC sufferers have altered taste buds (especially after radiotherapy) but can manage to eat a 'softer' diet than before, and they would welcome ideas on more 'normal' fare that doesn't need much chewing, so there's quite a wide range of ideas needed.

I'm hoping more people will vote on the poll and give their views, as you and Steve have done, then perhaps we can put all this helpful information in one place. Happy cooking! Brenda.
Hi friends.

While I cannot contribute with recipes, I can only mention the ease that noodles (common in my part of the world Wink ) and spaghetti slide down without too many problems whereas Dr V's suggestion of Pizza tends to be more difficult - but thanks anyway for the offer Dr V Smiler

Looking forward to some cullinary ideas - a good initiative Brenda!

I am somewhat lucky - I don't have to eat everything pureed. I can even eat some meat, with lots of sauces. Pureed food is easier for me as it does not get stuck in my teeth. The first solid food I could eat was a fried egg; then marinated veggies with lots of oil in the marinade.

Most of the things I eat are easily chewed; cereal, some fruits; eggplant parmesan; noodles like Phinsing does, I use small noodles like very thin vermicelli, Chinese plain noodles, and others like orzo and tiny pasta shapes; with lots of sauce. Add rice to soups, and barley. Yogurt is Ok, and I fix drinks mixed with fruit, Ensure or Boost with flax seed or psyllium seed. I add soy protein or vitamin soy powders to yogurt I make and anything else I can.

For a juicer or blender - have you heard of Vita-Mix? I have owned one for years; actually 2, as I bought another one several years back when I owned 2 houses. I still have the first one and it still works and will make juice out of anything, almost. Plus the recipe book has lots of recipes for all kinds of pureed whole foods.

Where do we start sharing recipes? Is there anything I can do to help?

Thanks for your input and take care.
Hello everyone

I think this idea of a recipe topic is brilliant. I struggle with some foods and my diet is fairly limited. I have found a couple of things which may not be conventional and not too sure of the nutrional value either but the tast OK

1. Blend a nectarine and a small avocado with some vanilla flavoured yoghurt

2. Try campbells condensed chicken soup (I fortify it with some high caloria high protein supplement called Pro-Cal) and break some crackers called cheese melts into it - makes a nice lunch.

3 Pasta mxied up with some finely chopped cooked chicken, spring onions, tomatoes and peppers then mix some creme fraiche, soured cream and a little mayonnaise and stir it in.

any other contributions will be tested with gusto!

Best regards to all


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