I have had MRI, CT and Dental xrays on my lower mandible area, mainly because one of my MRI's for a possible trigeminal disorder showed a small shadow in the left mandible area . My three month MRI (latest one) has shown this shadow area has grown to 11mm x 6mm. They sent me to a head and neck specialist, he looked down my nose into my throat and noticed nothing, (obviously because I have no problem in my nose or throat), then looked in my mouth. Again saw nothing, again because I do not have a problem inside my mouth. He felt my cheeks and noticed I was a little swollen on the left side and told me to get another dental scan. I have had no pain in this area, just some corner of lip numbness, and pins n needles but mort like jabs, tingling nose and cheek.
Since seeing the specialist, my jaw bone on the outside of my face near my chin (just before my chin) has been tender, but only when pressed. And inside my mouth on lower gumline (more like between gum and cheek where the groove is) I can sometimes feel a small firm lump. But because of where it is you haveto press firmly to find it, it cant be visually seen.
The possible differential diagnosis I got, and reason they sent me to the specialist was, phlegmon, SCC, or osteo scarcoma.. or possible osteomylitis. No biopsy has been taken. On my previous visit to the dentist because of the shadow on first MRI, I had two teeth taken out, the dentist is adamant he saw no infection in either of these teeth or the gum line or on the prexious xray. Now I haveto get another xray. Also, since seeing the specialist, he must have irritated the area because a white rough patch developed within the 3 days just between my gum and lower cheek. Should I ask for a biopsy? Could this be a cancer on my mandible bone?
I am a little worried, I have only just given up smoking too within the last 3 months (10 ciggs a day I useto smoke)
Oh, now my dentist is sick and can't see me till next week.
Thanks for answers in advance

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