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The cutting-edge cancer treatments... that they may not tell you about
By Lorraine Fisher
23rd June 2009
They're pioneering therapies that could save your life - but all too often, patients simply aren't told they exist.

Hardly a week goes by, it seems, without the announcement of another cancer breakthrough. Often, these promising drugs or surgical techniques are still in development. But some are actually available now - and often on the NHS. But many patients do not realise this.

This might be because they are not offered such drugs or treatment thanks to the postcode lottery in funding, or simply because of a lack of expertise or the right equipment at their nearest hospital.

As Britain's foremost cancer expert Professor Karol Sikora explains: 'It's unfair because some patients are getting the best treatment, but a lot are not because the system is a complete mess.

'The information is out there on the internet and there are many savvy patients who know how to manipulate the system. Those who make a fuss get these treatments; those who don't miss out. It's a very sad situation.'

So how can you get these cutting-edge treatments? Under new government guidelines you have the right to choose the hospital where you have treatment.

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