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Hi there pop pickers, spot pickers / nose pickers
If you fancy wasting/ spending/ investing/ giving to a worthy cause £7.50 of your hard earned/ borrowed/ stolen/ scrounged cash then why not go to
and purchase any one or all my three CDs on ofer. All proceeds go to the wonderful Mouth Cancer Foundation.
So let's get that can have a great/ average/ not so good/ rubbish CD of Sebastian T Burn & The Sraegs for just £7.50 and know the money is going to support the work of this wonderful website! Cool eh?

ALL RECORDED BY ME A SURVIVOR (though you may be wishing I hadn't once you've heard the CD!) Latest CD Treasure Island Rock The Greatest Hits Volume 1 is released this very day!

Why not buy one now as a Christmas present (for someone you don't like!) You can sample the music on the website so no need to buy without hearing what you are leting your self in for first!

Good rocking to you all and I hope I am in more pain than you are!
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