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Smoked for 10 years into my 20s. Quit in my late 20s. Using a vaporizer now and no longer smoke.

I’ve had a white lump on my gums for almost 5 months now and my Dentist seems to think it’s no big deal. I was concerned, so I booked some time with an oral surgeon that my dentist referred me to.

The oral surgeon took an sample that came back as HPV, but says the lump isn’t something I should worry about. He schedule time to cut it out but doesn’t even think it needs a biopsy. Is this normal? I’m convinced it’s cancer.

Bless you all.

Image below. Hard to see in shadow but bright white with light. Can’t find anything online that looks like this.
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Hi Waiting

It sure sucks to wait! The oral surgeon has already said the lump isn't something to worry about. The lump in the photo looks like a sessile (flat) growth, presumably a reaction to the virus or unknown cause. No biopsy is needed as the lump is small enough to remove completely as an excision biopsy that your OS has scheduled. As he said , "don't worry".

Best wishes
Thank you so so much for responding! The growth is flat, but raised above the gum and hard. I’ve been silly and been searching all week for examples but for some reason I just can’t find anything.

Have you seen anything like this before? I’ve read a few horror stories of flat white lumps on the gums in these forums, but I’m not sure if I’m just reading to deeply into things.

Again. THANK YOU for your time.

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