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Hi everyone. I have this lump on the side of my tongue that changes in size throughout the day and day to day and i cant go get it looked at cause i have no insurence plus im terrifed of hearing i have cancer i do not want to hear that. This thing has been on the side of my tongue for 3 almost 4 weeks now and its soft it doesnt hurt and i have no other mouth problems. 20190516_151312


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It’s very natural to be anxious about any medical condition, and absolutely the case when it comes to cancer.  I’m with you.

i delayed my diagnosis a while longer than I should have and that delay meant more surgery than might otherwise have been the case.  If it is cancer, the quicker he check the better  

Denying yourself the check-up won’t make it not cancer.  It won’t make it go away.

Howver if you do get it checked and it’s not cancer the sense of relief will be huge and so liberating.

Good luck, it’s healthy to be anxious   It’s not healthy to ignore unusual signals from your body.

take care  




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