Hi. Sorry for the long post.
I first went to my GP about an 'ulcer' on the roof of my mouth in Sept 2007. I was referred to hospital in Jan 08 for a punch biopsy which was negative for malignancy and dysplasia. Was given some thrush medication. 'Ulcer' did not go and was/is not painful. It changes a little in appearance from time to time - seems to get redder and sometimes with whitish bits round the edges, but then will go back to just being red with a small 'hole' in the centre. It has not got bigger and does not bulge. It is sometimes slightly itchy along with the back of my throat like an allergy. The biopsy was redone in May 2008, again showed no malignancy or dysplasia, just a few 'atypical' cells, which the doctor said would have been disruption from the previous biopsy. Still no change and no explanation - no one seems to know what it is. They are now continuing to monitor it 6 monthly. It is now January and there is still no change. I have another appointment in mid Feb. It seems to get a little irritated if I eat much 'junk' (sweets etc)and settles down again when my eating is back to normal. As I said before it gets itchy at times - not on the actual spot, but just the whole back of my mouth/throat. There is no other unusual signs anywhere else in my mouth, and my dental health is good. Still not particularly painful. My dentist says it doesn't look like a typical mouth cancer (if there is such a thing), but she says it is 'not right'.
Right now it is a little inflamed, probably due to Christmas indulgence in rubbish food(!), but still not larger or more painful than it was.
My concern at this time is that I have recently discovered that I am pregnant (welcome but certainly not planned). Should I try to get a sooner appointment at the hospital - will it make any difference? I am concerned about the fact that after all this it is still there, almost 18 months on and I still have no explanation. One doctor mentioned 'non specific ulceration' but they seem at a bit of a loss. Should I be pushing for a more definite diagnosis/ second opinion? Are 2 biopsies likely to both be wrong? Is it ever 'normal' for this kind of sore to just stay unchanged indefinitely?
By the way, I am female, 36 and have never smoked and almost never drink any alcohol.
Would appreciate any thoughts on this.
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Wow, you've certainly got a lot in front of you. Congratulations on the baby, and-- Frowner --welcome to the club no one wants to join.

Have you been to an ENT, preferably one who specializes in head & neck cancer, for the roof of your mouth? You might want to see if you can get in any sooner than mid February. The fact that it's been there for nearly 18 months concerns me. "A sore that will not heal" is one of the warning signs I remember from the old American Cancer Society ads.

Hoping for the best for all of you.


I would doubt that two biopsies would be wrong and hope they are not but hey ho, whats wrong with getting a second opinion if you are not happy.

The number 1 top sympton on the MCF posters is 'a sore or ulcer in the mouth that does not heal within three weeks' so go for it, you can certainly do without the worry, especially now.

Let us know how you get on, fingers crossed it is nothing.
Hi JH, I am with Angie on this one.
GO and ge another opinion even different hospital if you can.
I dont want to scare you but finding out asapis vital for mouth and neck patients.
I was told by my local hospital "go home you dont have Cancer" in a manner of "your wasting our time.
I have nevr forgot the Doctors face and would love to meet him now .
Please keepus informed of your progress and congrats on the baby and good luck.

This seems all too familiar! My husband noticed a small pimple on the roof of his mouth back in December of 2008. We finally got him in to see his GP and he brushed it off as nothing, but set us up with an ENT to get a 2nd opinion. The ENT also said it was nothing, but wanted him to come back in 6 weeks for a follow up. on his follow up appointment he was booked in for a biopsy since the "pimple" had changed shape and color!!?? The biopsy came back malignant and gave us a name of this cancerous tumor...Muco-Epidermal Carcinoma luckily it is a low grade of cancer. It doesn't stop there, by the time we got in to see his oncologist another month had passed, unfortunately, the cancer had spread to his hard pallet Frowner my husband underwent major surgery removing 85% of his pallet (roof of mouth) and reconstructing it with the skin and vein from his wrist. Again we are blessed with the cancer being low grade and not having to go through radiation!! I don't want to scare you, but if I can save someone from going through this awful ordeal I will continue to tell our story!! Don't brush this off as nothing!! Get a second opinion, and a third and a forth!! Good luck!!!
Ulcers on the roof of the mouth can be very uncomfortable. There are various natural ulcer treatment to relieve the pain and heal it. However, if it persists, it is always wise to have it checked out. Smiler
my sister has a hole in roof of her mouth they say its an ulcer, may has to do with a sinus infection, did a biopsy ..its not cancer, still not real sure has had this for over a month has not gotton better, did cat scan , that came back good..............no idea what there gonna do to her next, she is freaked out about this. any thoughts????
I have an ulcer in the roof of my mouth. It reoccurs every hay fever season. I'm convinced it's just another symptom along with runny nose, itchy mouth, sneezing etc

Do any of you suffer from hay fever?
Hi Eggplant

I don't have hay fever, but I am prone to sinus infections. You might want to have your doctor check it out, especially since it's recurrent.

Let us know how it turns out.

Hi all,

I came across this page looking for information on something I have, and what I found caused me to go seek a second dentist's opinion today.

I had a recurring tiny pustule on the roof of my mouth that would come and go. It began to hang around for longer periods, and eventually began to get sensitive. If I'd have it for a couple of days I would prick it with a pin and it would go away. Eventually it went away completely, however underneath the skin now I have a hole in the bone. So I was very concerned when I read about the gentleman who lost part of the roof of his mouth quite quickly.

So today I went to another dentist who did a pan x-ray. He told me I have something abnormal in my sinus and I should go see an ear nose throat specialist. He didn't think it was anything to be overly concerned about as I have extra bone growth in my mouth, and so it's possible we're just looking at the shadow of bone growth in my sinus. Don't lose sleep over it but get it checked out. He also asked me if I would please let him know what I find out, which I thought was the sign of a good doctor - don't know what it is, really would like to know.

Considering my regular dentist just brushed me off and said there's no discolouration so there is nothing to worry about and didn't recommend I see my doctor, I think I may be switching to this other dentist.

Anyway, long story short, thank you for the information. Lesson of the day for me is, if you feel uneasy about it, don't be passive, even if you have to get a second opinion.
Hi Beady Eyed

From what you've written, changing dentists is a good idea. Isn't that panoramic x-ray NEAT? It might not have as much detail as a conventional x-ray, but at least they're more comfortable (those little cards are so sharp, and always make me gag). Your first dentist just didn't seem concerned at all about your situation.

Popping the pustule just doesn't seem like a good idea--seems like it would only help to spread whatever infection might be there.

I hope everything turns out well when you go to the ENT--and let us know what happens.

Hi all,

I too stumbled across this whilst trying to find an explanation(s) for something very similar to what others have mentioned above.

Of course when something appears and stays there it's natural to become concerned.

About a 3-4 weeks ago my throat became very tickly, similar to what happens just before the onset of a cold, which I presumed was what was happening. However it didn't and I then developed a sore on the roof of my mouth towards the back.

It stayed lonfg enough for me to be worried, but then went away. Then a week or so later the same thing happened again and the ulcer reappeared in the same spot. It is still there now although my throat is not itchy any more. It isn't painful and I wouldn't know it was there other than being able to feel it with my tongue (and see it with a light).

It is a worry as I've seen that this is one of the main symptoms of mouth cancer. I'm a 29 year old male who did smoke up to 5 per day, although I've cut it out altogether since. I did drink quite a lot at weekends, which I believe can be another cause.

I've got a doctor's appointment in a week, but I'm considering trying to get something earlier. Is that necessary? If it were the worst case scenario then how far along would it be at this particular stage? Some other things which I've read also make me think I'm being paranoid; such as that it's most common in people aged 45 and older and isn't one of the main cancers for my age group. Plus the lady at the top of the thread who had something similar for 18 months and had been told that it is nothing to worry about.

Any opinions at all at this stage would be much appreciated.


Hello Merv

Mouth cancer ulcer tend to persist. Get you doctor to have a look at the ulcer or take a photo of it while it is there to show him. The age group for mouth cancers is only a general guide, every case is however individual.

Best wishes
I have a mouth ulcer and mild sore throat for almost three weeks now. i have done blood test and biopsy and everything looks ok. one of the ulcers that stayed all throught the 3 weeks is starting to heal but my throat still feels a bit rough and I have small blisters in the back of my throat on both sides close to the tongue.. Can someone explain to me why this happens and if there is a way to deal with this. Any diet that could help or some kind of medicine??

Also should I get a second opinion and would a biopsy on the blisters show anything different or would any place they did a biopsy would show cancer if it was?

Thanks in advance

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