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I reported in september that I had finished the 33 doses on the Chernobyl machine (RT)expecting that I was now on the road to recovery.Someone had mentioned that it might be a short while before I resumed some semblance of normality,so far the "short while" has lasted for six months and I still cannot see the light in the tunnel that people talk about.Maybe someone with a perverse sense of humour swithed it off.
I was warned that there would problems I would have to cope with, I was given a list but it was incomplete.For example when I tried to send a few emails i discovered that I had forgotten how to use a computer, I had to start again and figure out what to do, six months down line I am getting there hence my lack of postings. my mental arithmetic has always been very good, until now I am probably up to the standard of a seven year old at the moment. I bought a new car in December but I haven't driven it yet, I have not had the courage. My wife drives it regularly, she has even bumped it to prove that all is normal
The last time had a meal and glass of red wine was eight months ago since then I have been kept alive with NG feeding from seven in the morning to early afternoon, it does not have the same appeal as eggs, bacon,bangers and black pudding.
Enough moaning for one day,
Keep Smiling
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hi john.
i had my total laryngetomy in november 2012 and finished my 35 doses of radiation in march 2013.i was very lucky and was able to eat a soft diet from the day i was discharged from hospital.
there is light at the end of the tunnel and i was able to return to work part time in september last year.

hopefully you will start to see a difference soon. you must be feeling a bit better a you have been able to post on here. hope you continue to improve Smiler
Good morning from KL, John
It is good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the slow recovery. Despite it all, your humour is shining through!

Who needs mental maths these days, ask the kids - they use a calculator! Only the privileged get chauffeured! Only downside appears to be the red wine. If its in a NG, they might think you are having a transfusion! And well it might be, LOL.

Keep Smiling
Thankyou my friends for your kind words.
You are right about the red wine Vinod, the absence of is a major downside,I am sure that a glass in the evening would speed up my recovery, the last glass was in July and the effect has worn off now.
You are right Dave I am showing some signs of improvement,until recently I stuggled to remember how to send an Email and the computer is in my office on the first floor and it is quite an effort to climb the stairs, particularly when I am connected to the feeding machine, it is like having a Dalek in tow.
Keep Smiling
You certainly haven't lost the sense of humour - very important. I still find I can't type properly and as for any sort of maths, they didn't throw me out of the maths class for nothing!

Haven't touched red wine in years - let alone anything else. I just decided one day that I didn't even like the smell - so that was rather that! And eating isn't much fun yet (18 months on). I would love a decent steak but know full well that I wouldn't be able to eat it due to lack of saliva. My taste buds have changed lately and I can't tolerate anything with ANY seasoning in it - let alone anything spicy.

Life is grand - IF YOU DON'T WEAKEN!
Your point about not being meant to drink alcohol, Rosie,is shared by many people. I have consoled myself by accepting that moderation is a key factor, right now I should be in great shape because my intake is nil.
A couple of years ago I was invited to a reception held in a dining room adjacent to the house of lords debating chamber ,the subject was mouth cancer.Several people gave a short address on the subject the last one was an asian doctor who spent five minutes or more lecturing on the evil of drink, in his opinion alcohol was a prime cause of mouth cancer. I looked around the room and at least 80% of the people had a glass of red in hand. I was sitting next to baroness Gardner who leaned in my direction and said "he doesn't seen to be convincing too many people does he?"
On the question of sense of humour I have said ,on more than one occasion, "the last past of me to die will be my sense of humour."
Keep Smiling
Cheers! from me as well - and I hope it isn't long before you start enjoying a glass of red again. Maybe even intravenously?

Yes, everything in moderation is fine but it doesn't necessarily mean that the condition won't happen - even if one hasn't touched a drop on years. Some are lucky and while others just seem to get in the way of it. There are so many more things out there....

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