About 8 weeks ago I was eating a yogurt (of all things) and felt a bad scratch in my throat, I tried eating bread etc but had the feeling there was something stuck in my throat.

I had a sore throat on and off since then ( I do have fairly bouts of tonsilitis at least 3 times per year) and have noticed a small swelling on the side of my tonsil. I went to my GP with this about 4 weeks ago. The doctor I saw was very nice but seemed inexperienced and said he couldn't see the swelling.

I've kept an eye on it since then, it hasn't grown but there seems to be a thickish red welt behind the swelling and a thinner one in front of it. It feels a bit sore.

I'm really worried about this, will go back to GP but does anybody have any ideas what it could be? I'm scared it's something serious.

Any input would be really welcome.

Thanks for reading.
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Hello jenni

It is probably a local inflammation or reaction related to your bouts of tonsilitis. It hasn't grown, so that's good news as cancers tend to grow. If it doesn't get better in the next 2-3 weeks and still bothers you, see your doctor again and explain your worry and request a specialist opinion if you think your doctor may not be experienced.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes
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