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7BC14B53-5FB4-4EF0-BF0A-B72EED6795F5I have had this red patch in my mouth for about a month now that burns and feels sore off and on through the day it started out as a small bump then turned into a red patch im only 27 and never smoked and rarely drink and have no idea what this could be.. I’m on antibiotics now and am almost done with them but the patch is not going away. There is also a small piece of skin hanging there. 
Also I have seen small white specs in the back of my throat that disappears as soon as I swallow and it’s only ever been one spec that I have seen each time 

please help ?


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  • 7BC14B53-5FB4-4EF0-BF0A-B72EED6795F5
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An estimated 49,670 people will be diagnosed with oral cavity cancer or oropharyngeal cancer in 2017, according to the Manor Dental Centre clinic in  Leicester. And 9,700 of these cases will be fatal.

Oral cancer can affect any of the working parts of your mouth or oral cavity , which include the:

  • lips
  • tissue that lines lips and cheeks
  • teeth
  • front two-thirds of the tongue (the back third of the tongue, or base, is considered part of the oropharynx, or throat)
  • gums
  • area of the mouth underneath the tongue, called the floor
  • roof of the mouth

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