Courgettes 4 or 5 wash well top and tail, leave green skin on; large spanish onion chop and fry in butter, until golden, cut courgettes into pieces place on onions,pour over hot water from kettle, add knorr chicken stock cub, cook on medium heat, 12 to 15 mins, remove from heat, put in 3 or 4 Kraft/laughing cow cheese triangles, and wizz with a braun hand held blender or put in mixer; this will make a very smooth soup or puree, and is not harsh on the mouth. Enjoy
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Take Smoked salmon (organic) cut in small pieces about 2ozs, set aside then beat up two eggs in small bowl, add pudding spoon of double cream, then mix in salmon pieces, finely chopped dill, place large knob of butter in pan heat gently so butter does not burn, throw in mixture and stir gently, I do not add any salt as salmon tends to be salty, this goes down well is very healthy and not quite so boring.
Great ideas Garance. We all eat differently and have different taste problems, but problems nevertheless. The trick is to every so often try something new, particularly ready made stuff. With less discerning taste buds ready made products are good to lead you to anew possible food find that you can prepare yourself.

My current favourite food I can taste and have with lots of tea to get it down, is Marks and Spencer slices of Stollen in a box of 6 slices. It's 150 calories for quite a small slice so is a mini meal with a liquid yoghurt. The almond marzipan flavour is also quite strong and stimulating on the taste buds and it's soft to eat too. And sometime I can manage 2!

Today I went to the supermarket and when I came back after seeing all the foods (I know I can't begin to eat there) said to my husband 'do you know I just think we ate too much before and I was wondering where we put all we bought.'

Now of course we know - on our bodies.

Still 4 stone lighter 26 months after radiotherapy, I never thought I'd ever be saying I bought so and so product because it has a lot of calories. What a hoot compared to low cal dieting days. Sometimes you have to laugh at this after effect or you'd cry.

I'm with you 100% on this. I dropped two stone on Weight Watchers, and two more stone from the radiation, and have gained virtually nothing back seven months after treatment.

It is bizarre that I try to spike up the calories on everything. I add butter, I ask for more gravy. Yet when I went to a Christmas lunch at a nice restaurant I returned so much of the food that the waiter thought I wanted to complain to the chef.

I'm gratified to find a kindred soul, but kind of depressed that after two years you still can't eat normally. It's what I miss the most.

Ah don't be depressed Ron. You just adapt. Realising you are alive 2 years on is a far more pleasurable feeling than any food you could ever taste!!!!

The fact is I can eat as long as I have lots of fluid. Food is no longer the pleausre it was though before, because something, that certain something (ok that exquisite mmmm taste) is still missing. Some things do taste much better than others. Food tastes much better to me now than last Christmas a year ago, but its such a long slow job. I can though now eat out, but never with gusto or real relish. Still I once thought I'd never eat out again ever.

The adaptation is strange and I believe related to several factors including stomach shrinkage and throat damage so the swallow is there, but not as large as before. So without thinking I never gallop food now for fear of choking and just that slower more restrained eating means you fill up faster.

If it's any help I lost my taste from day 1 of radiotherapy and the return of taste has been related to that fact I think.

I think time does bring back an element of taste, but its hard to relate the 2 years its taken me and it's still not perfect to the 6 months the hospital suggested it might take for full taste return.

So as I said you just adapt and be happy with what you can eat. I've had a good day food wise in terms of quantity and eaten quite a lot for me today, but ate very little yesterday. I am sure that those on a PEG would love to be able what I've managed today. 2 portions of home made xmas pud and single cream, 2 small slices of stollen, a bowl of thick vegetable home made soup, about 10 grapes, half a small banana and half an egg sandwich and lots of cups of tea. From a dietician's point of view not good, from a person with lousy taste buds wonderful. Lots of things get started, but I only manage half. Half is better than none. <g>

As for clothes - go buy some now and feel the new you in them for Xmas.
OK Pauline, I feel better.

Truth be told, today I've already eaten two eggs over easy, three slices of bacon, a glass of horchata, a milkshake, some tuna noodle casserole, a yogurt smoothie, and some peppermint taffy that is going down surprisingly well. That's a big improvement over the tube feedings I lived on six months ago.

I'll wait till after Xmas for my new clothes, I know my wife got me some.

Thanks again. Ron.
Yes our diets are not quite in the steak league, but its better than ensure - tons better. You sound like you are eating really well. I still leave loads on the plate even of things I can eat.

I'll be making a trifle for Christmas ( as I eat Xmas pud as a norm) and we are having roast pork - a very small joint as I can manage a slice of two of fatty meat like pork now, although don't care that much for it anymore. This is a lot different than the past and overloaded trolleys and queueing for our ordered Bronze turkey and pheasants a day or two before Xmas as we used to do. Turkey = cardboard texture bronze or any other variety when you've had rads so is best avoided IMO

What is hortcha?

I need an English to American dictionary for a lot of the posts on this forum, though that is part of the fun.

Horchata is a Mexican drink, supposedly made from rice. It mostly consists of water and corn syrup, with some cinnamon. It is similar in taste and appearance to milk, but sweeter. I go through half a gallon per week, because its easy to drink and brings around 200 calories per glass.

I'm guessing that Xmas pud is like custard (milk, eggs, sugar, boiled and baked).

I agree with you about turkey. I can eat the dark meat if there's a lot of gravy, though I can't really taste much.

Anything's better than Ensure. Sorry to the folks still on it, but I was getting side effects from living on nothing but (Ensure's cousin) "Ultracal".

Xmas pud is bit like traditional rich fruit xmas cake with lots of dried fruits, but is steamed. Plum pudding is another name for it. The home made ones I make I vary. For my mum who is almost 88 I food process the raw mix before steaming to break down the fruit and make a smooth version which she can eat more easily. I also omit the nuts for her.

I can eat them with the fruit though if the fruits are pre soaked for 8 hours before making them. But she like the food processed version so much I now make them for her.

It is a drag to make them but they are really nutritious with all that dried fruit and if you use finely chopped nuts. They are not nearly as bad for you as some would have you believe if they become a main meal almost. There is no way I would eat the pud say and a roast dinner of the proportions I have seen shown on TV.

As with Sue Platts request for information on side effects of 'Ensure' suppliment, I take 'Ensure Plus' (350 calories/bot) and would be grateful to learn of any side effects experienced by others. I have had none to date after one months intake.

Regards, Fridge
Hi folks
My husband was on ensure for 8 months & he got awful stomach problems, either totally constipated or 24 hours of diaorreah [god knows how you spell it!} He's now on fortisip which seems to really suit him- it has added fibre. The only problem is that it is not available in hospital because they are only contracted to ensure, so every time he goes in hospital he has to take his own supplies!
Dear Jennifer, I am surprised & disappointed for you that Paul has to take his own food supplies into hospital because of the Hospitals single contract.Have you spoken to the hospital Dietician about this?
I hope you are not having to buy the Fortisip yourself, as it is available on a special prescription.
Ensure also upset my tum too. I only used it for about 10 days and I felt as if I had been kicked ther. I was curious so decided to drop it even though I was eating so little. After one day off it the stomach pains just stopped.

I had Forti products prescribed on the NHS by my GP for some time after I came off the nasal drip. It is surprising that the hospital doessn't have them. Maybe it's a county supply thing.
This is what I pulled out of the internet on all enteral nutrition formulae, not Ensure or Ultracal in particular:

"Side Effects of This Enteral Nutrition Formula
Some problems may result from improper use of an enteral formula or use of the incorrect formula in your condition. Check with your doctor if any of the following problems occur:

More common

Confusion, convulsions (seizures), decrease in urine volume, dryness of mouth, frequent urination, increased thirst, irregular heartbeat, mood or mental changes, muscle cramps or pain, numbness or tingling in hands, feet, or lips, respiratory distress, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, unexplained nervousness, unusual tiredness or weakness, weakness or heaviness of legs, weak pulse"

On Ultracal I had the confusion, frequent urination, dry mouth, mood changes, constipation, and numbness. Of course, it could have been from the radiation, but I did start feeling a lot better when I got off the Ultracal and started surviving on yogurt smoothies, milk shakes, spam, etc.

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