On may 5-2015 I was diagnosed with tonue cancer on left side of tongue. Dr said not very deep might need some radiation but doesn't think will need any chemo. My surgery is July 2. I don't know what to expect other what Dr told me about procedure. I have no 1 to talk to and now I am starting to get really scared especially after reading some info online. I thought it would be simple removel. What can I expect and should I be afraid?
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Hi nessa,

So sorry to hear your news, but you have come to the right place to find people to talk to - and we are always here.

Now, I cannot personally comment on the surgery side of tongue cancer (I had stage 4 SCC diagnosed three years ago) but went through radio and chemotherapy. The thing here is not to frighten yourself too much with everything you read on the internet - it is very scary. However, ask as many questions as you possibly can of the people looking after you. Write them all down and have someone with you to help listen and make notes on the replies.

I had 33 sessions of radiotherapy and what was meant to be six sessions of chemo but by the time they had changed the type I was getting it turned out to be three sessions.

Please let us all know how you are doing and although I know this hasn't exactly answered anything for you, at least you know there is someone out here listening to you.

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Hi nessa,

Petronel is right--you have come to the right place.

I had stage 2 SCC ten years ago. Just like you, it was on the left side. The doctor told me that the tumor was encapsulated. I thought that meant it could be removed in an outpatient procedure, my tongue would be stitched up and I could go, skipping tra-la, merrily on my way. Little did I know.

All I had was surgery (hemiglossectomy and free flap resection) and it was extremely successful. The pathology report said that radiation and chemo were not warranted.

What has your doctor told you about the procedure?

This question is going to sound really strange, but are you in the US? If so, you might want to reschedule your operation because of the 4th of July. I'd be concerned that the OR staff might not concentrate 100% (annoyed that they have to work the holiday, or distracted by last-minute planning.

That you're scared is understandable; I'd be worried if you weren't. The best suggestion I can offer is stop researching this on the internet--all you're likely to find is worst case scenarios.

I'm not sure if I've answered any q's for you. Send me a private message. I don't mind.

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Hey Nessa, My prayers are with you.
I guess by now its over.
There qwas a lady I used to see at the MaxFax and she had Tongue Cancer after having neck Cancer.She was a nervous lady but when I asked about her Tongue Cancer she said 2it was ok no problem.Dont read many articles before you have any operation they tend to scare you.Also everyone is differnet and some respond different and they are so many different types of Cancer so pleaase stop reading the articles and post on here for people with same procdure.
Please let us know how it went. Paul

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