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Dear All

The RDOC website was 2 years old, and your message board, was 1 year old, on 7 January 2004. RDOC's success has been gratifying Big Grin . It would not have been possible without your participation on this board.

I wish to know how to make it better for you. Your views are what really matter. I would be grateful for your opinions on what is good, what is bad, and what you would like to see, in the RDOC website. How would you as the user like to see the website and this message board develop Confused ?

Please post your comments here for consideration or email me directly.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee Pizza
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Don't know what happened there.

One of the things that disappoints me is that given the number of """members""" how relatively few seem prepared to take an active part.

How to overcome this I just don't know. Perhaps people are reluctant to make their fears and hopes public for fear of ridicule or repugnance.

Most of us on the site either have or have had cancer or have a close relation or friend diagnosed.

We're all to some degree frightened, but I think that talking about ones fears, hopes or whatever to people who are experiencing those same feelings can only be beneficial.

Now come on some of you non posters, tell me I'm wrong, tell me a pompous twit - but tell us something
Happy Birthday RDOC...Thank you Doctor Joshi, Krisham and all the people involved with making this site so that we can all have a place to feel safe....As safe as we will ever be......A GREAT BIG THANK YOU...An highway of information was opened up to me with this site. Grateful, yes, I am and will forever be grateful to all of you. There are so many things that you have allowed me to do because you cared enough to create this site...God Bless You..Vicki Lynn
Well done Dr Joshi on your much deserved award in recognition of this wonderful RDOC site. Members have long appreciated your care and dedication in giving your time and expertise so generously. To achieve first place in the Healthcare IT awards is no surprise to us but must give you and Krishan a great boost. Many Congratulations Geek Wow Brenda x
SmilerHappy Birthday, and thanks to Dr Vinod and Krishan, I do think that people should know about the site in hospitals when they are going for ops, rad etc, as we are all left in the dark, and we need to have the information, to know why and what treatments we are going through, I for one was fed up with have negative imput from the Docs, the whole thing mad me very bloody minded and I was very determined to prove them all wrong including the very overweight dieticien; Thank you all for being here, great support. Big Bear Hugs to you all. Big Grin
I think there should be a pamphlet at every Dentist office, oral surgeon office, ENT office, CANCER CLINICS and any other facility that has ANYTHING to do with the body from the neck up-----ABOUT the CANCER SITES that people with ORAL CANCER can go to. I mean people need to know that there is a place where you can go to ask questions from people who KNOW the answers. A place where you are NOT ALONE in your thoughts and feelings. A place where you are NOT judged or starred at. Now I know that you can search on the net and find this site. But they shouldn't have to SEARCH for it--It should be there. ALL AND ANY INFORMATION SHOULD BE THERE...Just my thought. I was in the oral surgeons office looking at a rack of all these different pamphlets..Not a single one about ORAL CANCER. How are people going to learn about it if there is no literature about it? No we don't find out anything until we have it. Then we have to search the internet for help. I have had CANCER since 1989 and the most I have learned about it has been on here. THIS IS JUST SO SO SAD!!! There has got to be someone out there that can help us get the word out. What do you think???
Hi Vicky

I agree with you completely. When I started this website, I discovered that while there were several information leaflets on mouth cancer prevention and detection, only limited print runs (limited by sponsor's funds) had been done to promote Mouth Cancer Awareness Week. And a new leaflet was designed each time to carry the new sponsor's advert. They were not easily available and dentists weren't as aware as now.

So I tried to compensate for that by making material available through the website. I have made the World Cancer Research Fund's "Mouth & Throat Cancers" leaflet (PDF format), available on the RDOC website's homepage. It was given out to dentists at the British Dental Trade Exhibition during the launch of the MCF. Most UK dentists have a poster and some information I would think. It is getting better. The WCRF leaflet is also sent out by them to GPs. But I have not seen anything on mouth cancer in my GPs surgery yet Roll Eyes.

In the past, there were no organisations soley focussed on Mouth Cancers in the past. The Oral Cancer Foundation (USA) and the Mouth Cancer Foundation (UK) are making a start. We will get there.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Dr Vinod, Throat cancer is like a secret society; there is very limited information, I am sorry to say it's all BREAST BREAST BREAST CANCER, and now they hve discovered prostate cancer, so men are allow; but throat cancer is out there, and when I read that small children are getting it, why this lack of T.V. and wireless news, then they blame it on smokers, well I for one ,neither smoke or drink and when I am told I have the classic cancer of the heavy smoker and drinker, and many out there are the same as me, where do we get the info from.
The dieticien was as big as a house and quite unhelpful; she was infact a waste of time.All I got was negative information, you won't be able to talk, you will have to have a feeding tube et etc; most people would top themselves, Thank you again for this site, sanity at last. Garance Mad Mad Mad.
Hello Everyone

Some excellent news: Our website has won 1st Prize - Cancer on the Internet Award. The website's success is owed to all of you in creating such a caring community. Congratulations all!

The application took me 941 minutes, 156 revisions, 5671 words .... my family thought I was 'overdoing it' but it appears to have been well worth the effort. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the award ceremony and conference on the 10th July as the earliest the US embassy can fit me in for an interview for a visa is 17th July, with another 5 days for processing.

Unless the embassy takes a hand, Krishan (he doesn't need a visa) will attend on behalf of MCF; he deserves to receive the award on our behalf as he is the man who brought my vision into being.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee Pizza (modestly celebrating)
Oh WOW... That's WONDERFUL news indeed!!!

Dr. J, Krishan, and everyone else who envisioned, created and have lovingly nurtured this special forum (truly a Godsend to so many)... and who tirelessly work to answer our questions and calm our fears... and who raise awareness of the otherwise widely-unknown oral cancers on a global front...
Let me just say that you are all the BEST, and we THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts! Congratulations upon winning this monumental award! Truly MCF members are all winners as we reach out to frightened newcomers nearly every week, sharing our stories and experiences with honesty, compassion, and a level of understanding that is unsurpassed. We are so blessed to have this "place" to come without fear, shame, or reseveration... to say just exactly what is weighing on our hearts... or that which has brought us HOPE or joy. Simply stated... It is healing. I so agree with everyone that this website should become widely known. No longer should people just "stumble across it" the way so many of us did.

God bless all who still suffer alone in this world with oral cancer. We all know that they need more than just the radiation, chemo and surgeries... They need THIS too... (equally, if not more)... a group of people just like themselves who understand their fears from common experience... in a way that no one else can.

This site is many things to many people...
Through our candid posts we can deliver the brutally honest truth, and still offer HOPE at the very same time. We can ask and openly discuss the things that we are afraid or yet reluctant to address with doctors or family members. It is indeed a safe haven with an open door any time, night or day.

We very much appreciate all the hours and effort spent to propel this site to NUMBER ONE. Take a bow Dr. J... Krishan... and those we don't even know "behind the scenes" who make it possible for us to be one, big, worldwide, Cyber-FAMILY!!

From my heart,


P.S. Sorry, Fran... I have no contacts at the A.E.!! Good try though! Wink
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