Hello again Pauline & Vinod

Just popped in here briefly and read your messages. Thank you both for your concern. I'll get round to an update on my six weeks of radiotherapy plus 2 weeks thereafter as soon as I can but am so tired lately - all I want to do is sleep, although I am trying to fight it.

Briefly, I'm OK - I was given morphine for the pain which worked wonders but have managed to do without that for about a week now although I still have a sore mouth, ulcers, and some burning.

Apart from extreme tiredness (to be expected), my biggest problems are unrelated to the radiotherapy i.e. abdominal hernia (site of hip bone graft for when tumour in chin was removed) is a lot heavier and more uncomfortable which prevents me from standing for long or walking more than a few steps (I lose my balance) plus last week I had to call out the District Nurse who gave me a mini enema for good, old fashioned constipation Big Grin . I felt dreadful with that for a couple of days! I know I'm not getting enough fibre. Fruit (blended - even with custard) is too acid to swallow. I also get very breathless but can't imagine what is causing that so have made an appointment to see the doctor.

Gotta go now - will post again later. Must go back to bed now.

Thank you for your concern and best wishes to you all.

Steph - good to hear from you again.

There's not much I can say about the problems you're experiencing.

I can only stand in awe at the fortitude you're showing. I very much doubt that I could cope with so much and complain so little.

Corny as it sounds, my prayers are with you.

I sincerely hope you'll keep us all advised as to your progress.

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