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Hi I have had mouth cancer for 11 years and this year have had all my top teeth out and another 3 operations taking more and more and yesterday 18th December my Consultant said the way forward might be radiotherapy as he can’t keep taking bits from the inside of my mouth. I have read all about it and it sounds horrific has anyone had this and how was it. Please just say it as it is/was. Thank you .

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Head and neck cancer - the newest therapy is Keytruda (immunotherapy).  However, this is extremely expensive and not many countries would cover it (if the med system is free). Even with insurance, the amt of co pay may be significant

Most conventional therapy is very disfiguring and brutal.  The only way out would be therapeutic vaccine. This vaccine would be able to eradicate any HPV that can reactivate the cancer.  Unfortunately there is no therapeutic vaccine currently approved for HPV head and neck cancer.  However, I am not sure if the centers will provide users the opportunity with clinical trials or 'off label' use.  

In UK, there is a new HPV therapeutic vaccine being developed, that will target multiple types of HPV.  Google PMC6904585.  There might be clinical trials for this.  Although the vaccine talks more on cervical cancer, it is targeted against HPVs, which is the agent that also cause genital warts and head and neck cancers 

In Mexico, they have developed one type of therapeutic HPV vaccine that has gone into clinical trials.  However, this vaccine has not been commercialised.  It looks promising from the results.   Google PMC4270165.

Please note 'therapeutic vaccine' (TV) is very much different from 'prophylatic vaccine".  Prophylactic vaccine (PV) examples include Gardasil (quadrivalent) the new nonavalent (Gardasil 9) and the one from GSK (Cervarix) -- these do not treat patients who already have HPV and thus, HPV cancers can form even pts took these vaccines

TVs attacked existing HPV infection and thus it has the potential to eradicate HPV related cancers


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