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I signed on and found that Sharifah was also on the board. I went to her blog, wondering what she has been up to, and discovered that one of our members, Bob Pemberton (pembo), passed away on October 28.

Bob and Sharifah corresponded frequently. Here's the link to Sharifah's blog to read her poignant thoughts:

A Cancer Warrior is Gone

I found an obituary:

1SGT Robert Pemberton, US Army, Retired

His picture says so much! Breaks my heart.

Lastly, here are his posts to the board:

Pembo's Posts

Rest in peace, Bob. You were a kind, thoughtful, caring guy.

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Thank you so much for looking me up and always giving positive comments about my blog. Its always heartbreaking when a person we know passes on. But then again, you are kind of glad too that all the suffering is over.

Just got another sad news. Ananth is also gone! Sonya informed about his passing on facebook. He went on 20th Nov in his sleep.

Bye, for now

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