Vinod, as the ex wife of a dentist, left him in France!!!!!! After my tumour was removed by laser, then the neck resection, having had major pain on those two counts, they took out my lower molars two each side, prior to radiotherapy.

Every one says I can have those new type of teeth that are fitted into the jaw, a very wealthy american girl friend has offered to pay; is this possible, or will I have to have a plate with four molars ????????
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Hello Garance

And all the while, I thought you were a man! Roll Eyes

You only need to replace those back molars if you think you aren't eating well enough with the teeth you have. The shortened dental arch has been shown to be sufficient to meet our masticatory requirements, so I would focus on keeping the teeth you have in good health and reconsider replacement teeth only later.

I look forward to hearing more about your experience.

Best wishes
Vinod :coffee:

p.s. what do you design; Pauline is into dress design.
Smiler Thank you Dr Vinod ( looks like Vino in latin, joke in poor taste)

I have no saliva, oh the joy of licking on those xmas stamps Big Grin

I am using Biotene mouth wash, toothpaste and gel, a oral B soft head electric toothbrush.

Love spicy foods, but that seems a long way off, pinapple, honey, chocolate, crucifies me, thank you God for rice pudding :boxedin:
Getting serious, in order to look after my gums and teeth, would a water jet or water pik not sure of correct name be of help :help:

Thank you for a new message Cool

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