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Dear All,
Please check out our website Merseyside Head and Neck Cancer Centre.
As well as having lots of local information and advice similar to Vinod's exceelent site, we have a unique QOL database which has been compiled from thousands of QOL questionnaires from patients. It enables you to search the database for your tumour site and type of surgical /radiotherapy treatment and to get pooled results of similar patient's QOL at 12 months or more following treatment. Please let me know what you think
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Dear Brenda
thanks for the feedback - on the QOL databse the types of tumour pathology are combined as it is the effects of the treatment i.e removal of jawbone etc that affects QOL not the individual pathology (in general terms). For your situation, the position of your tumour should be either floor of mouth or other I am presuming as you obviously had tumour close to the jawbone. For surgery, you should put composite flap (which refers to bone removal as well as soft tissue)- I presume you had your jaw reconstructed at the same time. Radiotherapy sghould be yes or no - the search will then find which patients match and what their QOL of life was at 12 months or greater

hope this helps - thanks for the feedback
Hi All

Thought that I would just offer a couple of links that I have found to be interesting & insightful in my journey thus far, hope they may offer some of you some great advice or information that you can use to incorporate into your recovery/survival. If nothing else some interesting reading Smiler

Happy reading
Kelley Smiler
My husband wasn’t getting the standard of quality of life after his head and neck cancer surgery 2014 , in fact they reduced his quality of life, for not referring him to an Lymphedema specialist, and believe me he had very good chances to get over the 5 year survival, if they had referred him to the Lymphedema specialist.Because this what I am on about.

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