People are so quick to put the NHS down but they do not see the EVERYDAY struggle the staff have to cope with specially in the Maxiollfacial clinics and all the trauma that surrounds it.
I can only praise the Maxiollfacial at the Middlesex(UCL)from diagnosis to investigative proceedure one week and the kindness of the staff at PPW5.
I am sure this can be said for all deparments of the NHS. Paul
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sorry but no it cannot be asid for the rest of Nhs its not the satts fault but to leave a 91 iolf woman on a trolley for 36 hours UHW should hang theor head in sahme tents to house the sick going to A and E so tartgets can be met oenoushers everywhere but no real incarease in nurses doctors etc ddspite the clains like all taregts they are fiddled dentistry in UHW is dreadful short of dentists so you have to pay if you dont want tgop wait. sory paul some aspects of health c are are good but others leave a lot to be desired mind i would not want to be a nurse for that matter slagged off by hooligand and drunks no wonder they cannot recruit beds filled with old people nowhere to go no homes for them andf this is the 4th richest nation in the world gordon brown is fond opf means testing well im afraid if tyhe poor are not to lose out even more means testing will haver to come to the NHS
Well, having read both Paul and Eileens messages I've got to say I agree largely with Paul.

I do, however, have to admit to a bias. My wife used to be a nurse (SEN not SRN she went into nursing late). So I heard some of the horror stories and the stupidities regarding the NHS.

The Health Service, despite claims to the contrary, has always been at least a two level service. Yes, I do remember our family paying a shilling (5p) per person per week to our local GP. Medicines were collected from his surgery, God knows how hospital admissions were arranged and paid for, but most people who REALLY needed hospital care seemed to receive it.

Then the NHS was introduced, but even all that time ago if you had the money you could get the treatment - and I'm sure it will always be so.

My thoughts are the NHS is top heavy with administrators, managers, executives all being made """necessary""" by governmental insistence on targets, targets and yet more targets.

We're told of enormous numbers of new doctors and nurses entering the NHS. No mention of course of the time lag 'twixt recruitment and effective usage of these new people nor of the numbers leaving the NHS.

I'll shut up now, as you guess this is a particular bee in my bonnet.

Like Paul, I cannot praise the the teams who dealt with me too highly. I just do not believe I could have received better treatment even were I a millionaire.

A prime example is our own Dr. Joshi. Consider his clinical work, and then just look at the time he spends giving advice and support to people of this site.
Originally posted by pikeman:
[qb] ... I've got to say I agree largely with Paul.
Like Paul, I cannot praise the the teams who dealt with me too highly. I just do not believe I could have received better treatment even were I a millionaire.

A prime example is our own Dr. Joshi. .... [/qb]
I have to agree with Paul too.
Like you Pikeman I felt I had top notch treatment. I have learnt that when you have a life threatening illness like cancer the NHS acts fast. I was in hospital within a week of results being known.

No it does not act fast for hips and teeth and the like because in the main they are not life threatening. They may well affect quality of life, but they are not life threatening.

I certainly had my money's worth last year. During radiotherapy a woman I knew there who had one burst of radiation treatment for breast cancer daily for 20 or so treatments received hospital invoice bills for over �600 for the treatment every day - in her case this was through private insurance. I had 4 bursts of radiation treatment daily. Now what would that have cost money. A LOT OF MONEY!!! I am still intrigued to know roughly what the treatment would cost on average.

And yes Vinod is a real gem, a diamond and we appreciate you Vinod.

And Eileen have you thought of writing to your MP with your comments about your teeth treatment and the waiting etc. I agree it must be very irritating for you.
Kind wishes to all - Pauline
Yes, yes I also now have to agree with both your last letter Paul and Eileens.

I was left on a trolley for 7 hours in A and E last November or December when I was awaiting nasal feeding because the ward had no bed. In the middle of being on the trolley, because I had made no fuss and got off it at one point to go to the lavatory unaided I was then asked as I was """mobile""" (but in a hell of a bloody, weak state I might add) to get off my trolley and sit in chair as an air amubulance accident victim was coming in. I naturally agreed - who wouldn't.

I have to say he was in a mess and I was only too happy to give up my trolley for a few hours which was later returned to me! I slept leaning with my head on my arm in the meantime.

But I too also felt very ill, but like many people I will always try to get to a loo unassisted even when a bedpan is really the answer. In not bothering to call a nurse my """illness""" was downgraded so to speak. Nor was I hooked up to any hydration or Nutrison food whilst in A and E, despite the fact that the ENt consultant had already put in the nasal tube earlier that day - why - because they did not deal with feeding. So I just got more weak waiting for a bed.

So no the NHS is not perfect.

On the other hand in America 5 years ago I broke a front crown off top teeth on the plane. It cost me �1400 to have a TEMPORARY crown put on in Boston. I still had to pay for a new crown when I got back to the UK, but at least it was under �200. And yes I did smile again when the temp was in position ( y hub reckons it's the only time I have ever been virtually silent for 36 hours Red Face ) but it really curbed my spending and the max holiday insurance for teeth you can claim back is �200.

I cannot understand why Eileen's teeth have not been treated all as part of reconstruction after her operation. I shall think twice about moving back to Cardiff after reading her post about the denatl care at University Hospital there. I really would write to my MP about it, even Tony Blair. It's amazing how people get bumped up when they take that approach.

Now though today I have been for my 2 monthly consultant visit at Worcester. Despite a 2 hour wait I only have praise for the team there. As that scope went down my nose and I watched the Computer monitor and my consultant gave me a running commentary of the oral parts on screen, I thought what a difference to the hospital examination I had for throat cancer when I was 25. So I have to think the NHS has improved despite the many problems it has.

Now Paul re radiotherapy. I agree it may not work. But I also think it works for some time after it is done. The point is - does it work forever, in all cases? Maybe for some it does and for some it does not. We cannnot help but wonder. I don't know if mine worked - we can only really know when we are dead and after surviving so long. Right now we are survivors, if we succumb it may be sooner rather than later without the treatment.

When I first researched all this I concluded I had a 5% chance of survival. Well someone has to be the 5% so why not us lot. Stats are not always the answer - after all you ultimately have a 0% or 100% chance of getting through. What happens in between is living.

Oh dear I am rambling here.... Smiler :soapbox:

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