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It is with great regret that I am asking you to remember in your prayers my father in law, Ben.

Ben was diagnosed with right tonsillar cancer on December 27th 2007. Following investigation he underwent a bilateral neck dissection, removal of tumor and partial glossectomy in February. He returned from hospital at the end of March and fairly quickly commenced combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

His final treatments were on Tuesday and he was found dead on Thursday.

A post mortem has now been called for by the GP but whatever the outcome, he is gone.

The treatment he had was gruelling but he faced it with great dignity and fortitude remaining jovial till the untimely end.

We have subsequently been told that he had secondary lung cancer which he had no idea about. I am grateful that he was spared that news and passed away peacefully in his sleep. He underwent his treatment full of optimism about his future and died looking forward to the next day and believing that he still had a good chance of survival.

To those of you who are currently undergoing treatment I wish you all the strength, love and luck in the world.

Good night Ben and God Bless.
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Dear Sihoban,
I am really sorry to hear the tragic news. However, keeping a positive attitude - at least he over and done with the suffering as a mortal and is now at peace as an immortal. He will never ever die or do away - he will always be there to ensure no harm ever comes to you and the rest of the family.

Cherish his memories and smile when you travel back in time with him when you recall the bouts of happiness he brought in to your life and that of others.

With lots and lots of love,
Dear Sihoban

Sorry to hear about Ben's disappearing. Will say a prayer for him tonight. I hope that the pain and grief that you and the rest of the family and friends are feeling now will be dulled by remembering and celebrating the life that he shared with all of you. His name will be mentioned at the short remembrance we will be holding for those who have fallen to mouth cancer at the Mouth Cancer Walk later this year.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Thank you all for your very kind and moving words and good wishes.

Ben's post mortem revealed the final cause of death as being Acute Bronchopneumonia and Carcinoma of the tongue and oropharynx. He will be buried on Monday 9th June.

I am grateful that his end was speedy and peaceful.

For those of you who are living with or recovering from cancer I wish you all the love and luck in the world. I will pray for your continued strength.
I am attending Bens funeral Monday as Siobhan figred out I may have been the girl having treatment with him (I was). I am so greatful that she got in touch with me. I was sitting next to Ben on my last chemo day which was supposed to be 5.5 hours but always took 7-8 for some reason! We couldn't communticate too much due to our drool but we had unspoken understanding of each other.

Love Chloex
To follow on from Chloe's post.....Some bizzare influence compelled me to send an email to Chloe and it transpired that she was the lovely lady of whom Ben often spoke. They had shared an unspoken bond during their treatment and were a source of comfort to each other.

I was thrilled to have been able to find her albeit that I was the bearer of sad news.

Chloe came to Ben's funeral and I was delighted to be able to meet her. She is a remarkable lady.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity. This site gives so much and asks for so little, it is very humbling.

I wish you all much love.

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