hi, i wondered if someone could help. I have recently had a sore throat along with a bad cough. the sore throat and cough have gone but i still have a "husky" voice and i have also noticed a small-ish lump at the back of my mouth. should i be concerned that this could be cancer? Please please please, could someone get back to me asap. thankyou
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Hi becca1987, it doesn't really help to speculate on your problem. If you are worried you should see your dr. It might be nothing at all but at least you would know for sure. All the best, Hagg.
Hi Becca!

Most likely the small lump is nothing to be concerned about but I think a safe rule of thumb is that if the word 'cancer' even flickers through your mind, you should be on the phone making a doctor or dentist appointment.

This is a great board but without a picture or more details, I'm afraid that most of us can't be of much help. If you really want peace of mind, make an appointment with a professional.

Best wishes,

hi becca
you must see your dr,it could be nothing to worry about,but if it is the earlier it is dealt with then the better the outcome,please keep us informed. love shirl xxx
Hi Becca, As others in this post have mentioned, you should have if checked out by your doctor. I had a sore throat for around 2 weeks before I called my doctor for an appointment. It's been non-stop ever since. Hopefully (I pray) all is fine with you, but to be safe, have it checked out.

Hoping all is fine with you! Cricket
Thanks to all who has replied to my post. i'm going to see the dr on fri, so will get it looked at. i am really worried about it though. its protruding out toward the center of my mouth and is about the size of a baked bean-(maybe slightly bigger). my sore throat is back to, but i think that might just be coincidence.
But Thanks Again.
Becca xx

We're all pulling for you and hope it's nothing. So glad you're seeing the doc this week.

I love that you compared the size to that of a baked bean! That's one of those things that we on the other side of the pond would never think of as a comparison. Now if you tell me you're in Norfolk, Virginia, rather than Norfolk, England, I'm totally lost. Oh well, lately I've spent lots of time like that.

Please let us know about your experience on Friday.


thankyou for all your support and advice about this subject. i have brought forward my appotitment to today so i will b seeing a dr this morning.
to Mimi: lol, the baked bean thing was the only way i could describe it without having a pictre. and yes im from Norfolk, Uk.

But again thankyou everyone for all your advice and i will keep you all up dated.

becca xx
TO ALL: I have been to see my dr and he said he doesn't think its anything to worry about. thinks it could be something else. so panic is over. but thankyou all to advised me and gave my support on this problem. i wish you all the best of luck. i hope all of you have a speedy recovery and i wish you the best for the future.

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