Hello everyone,i'm 29 year old male,
please i need advice,i don't know what to do next..
So..the problem is:
i feel with tongue ,in my mouth floor hard lump
which is invisible to the naked eye,i can just feel it,lump size is grain on sand,below that hard grain on sand,i developed one more lupmp which is movable(maybe that second lump always be there)
it takes about 6 months( first time noticed)
I went to the doctor ENT and she says that may be a stone in salivary gland and nothing to worry about it..physical examination mouth she performed,
i ask for second opinion maxillofacial surgeon and my suffering starts here,
on first exam he very difficult notice a change ,and told me that is nothing,and the need for observation,to come for a month,and so several times to come for inspection once a month..when i ask a doctor ,what is that lupm he answered me that is not nothing serious and not to worry about it...(ooo my god ,i'm again
left without true answer.
In the meantime I did an ultrasound twice ,and ultrasound shows 2 small stones in my excretory duct salivary gland!
i showed the surgeon that ultrasound findings,and he ordered an x-ray scan of that region...and od x-ray he can not see nothing,x -ray does not show anything! and again we are at the beginning,
next advice is ,if it gets worse to come..
that surgeon is respectable in that hospital..

pls if it's something serious , does ultrasound showed it?
is ultrasound good method for that kinds of examination/diagnose?

sorry for long post,and for mistakes in my typing,english is not my speaking area,

all the best and thanks in advance.
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Hi guest. It sounds like you have had plenty of investigation so try not to worry. Keep an eye on it and see how it goes. If there is an option for another opinion and it would put your mind at ease then you should go and get it.
Hi all
Pls if anybody can answer what can i do now
It is now 1 year and 5 months and my lump is in same position and same size and no other symptoms due to this lump.
I ask and second and thrid opinion from another MF surgeon and she says to me my problem is enlarged minor salivary gland and to leave it alone forever!
She also says that i probably iritatted that gland whit some hard food or with my tongue and she stays enlarged..
Size of that lump is same 3,4 mmm and movable and her position is in projection of my lower teeth number 1 just below gums.
Sorry if my english is not perfect but i realy need advice what can i do next...
If is that some sort of cancer ,it will be larger lump or other problems after year and half? I discovered lump 1.5 years ago.maybe he persist much longer..
Thanks in advance for any advice ..pls im extremly anxious about this..i cant just ingore and forget
Hello guest1986

It is probably not a cancer, but if the lump is bothering your peace of mind, ask your surgeon to remove it. Otherwise, you will keep worrying about it. The biopsy after the excision (removal) should confirm what the lump is.

Best wishes
Thank you very much on your reply dr.Joshi !
Tomorow i have apointment with oral pathologist(surgeon) and i will ask for biopsy again..last time when i talk to mf surgeon she refused biopsy,i dont know why,she says all ppl have those minor salivary glands and we all have those litlle bumps in mouth,
I'll ask tomorow another surgeon to do excision,if he refuse that my request,i will leave it alone forever because he will be my 4-th surgeon who inspect my lump.

I really want to believe to your expirience Dr.Joshi..
If you say is not cancer and my four surgeons,i can't anything to do then to belive you and your
colleagues...thanks again !
hello to all,it's me again..

pls doctor if you can advice me again,and this will be my last question..

as i said ,i went to the oral surgeon and i ask him again to inspect my lump,and I asked if I need a biopsy,
so..he said to me :
that is a small salivary gland,that I have more of these glands that are around it, they can feel the tongue(yes i can feel same but much smaller gland on left side my floor of mouth,where gums begin)
and more important ,that bump is not get bigger 1.5 years, it can not be cancer.
i feel sometimes slight short discomfort in this area probably because i'm playing with that bump with my tongue all the time..
also he said ,leave that bump alone and for now no need for concern..
so my last question is:

is that right way of thinking??and leave that alone?

I'm so sorry to bother you doctor,and thanks again for your advice,god bless you!
Hello guest1986

Follow your oral surgeon's advice, relax and stop playing with the bump. But always be alert and go back to see him/her if it gets bigger or painful.

Best wishes

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