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My brother had an ulcer on the lateral margin of his tongue which has been there for few months now. They took a mucosal biopsy a couple of weeks ago which has returned as positive for invasive squamous cell carcinoma of moderate differentiation (Grade 2) and adjacent inflammatory infiltrate.
I seek your advice as to where is the best center to treat him in the UK. He has been diagnosed abroad but would be receiving treatment as a private patient here. Money is no object, we need to get him treated asap.

Myself and our uncle are in Birmingham, is University Hospitals Birmingham NHS FT any good?
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Hi there, you must get this dealt with ASAP as this is what I have had and am just getting over it. I Have just Googled the hospital that you mentioned and they've a specialist dept head and neck cancer - get down there ASAP. Let me know how you get on :-)
Thank you Cadge, I have been making contacts for my brother today like crazy.

I think we will end up going to the BMI Priory Hospital in Birmingham which has consultants from UHB, the nurse said the potential cost could be 50 to 100K , which will knock down the whole family, but it has to be done if he is to survive.
My son had the same and was treated at Rickmansworth hosptal who were wonderful.he had nine weeks there as an inpatient. You do not need to pay the best treatment is NHS
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Dr Vinod Joshi,
I had partial glossectomy for SCC stage1/grade 1 w/ clear 2mm margins. Tumor size 1.1cm X 2 mm thickness. I had to beg for an MRI. I'm afraid of
undertreatment. Med.Prof.s just want to monitor closely & frequently.
What is your professional opinion? Anything else to be done?
Thank you.
I have a painfull ball thing under my tounge.today is the first day I've noticed it it hurts when ever I move my tounge!please inform me at what this may be!
Hello Suzanne

The excision was with a clear margin of 2mm meaning your surgeon is confident that they have removed the SCC. I would worry less and go with their experienced judgement.

Kind regards, Vinod
Hiii Dr. Vinod
Just recently my Dentist Refer me in Hospital for Oral & mouth ward for checking.
I would like to know what is the symptoms of mouth cancer.

I don't have any sport on my mouth and just little pain under two teeth one right bottom and another last teeth on left side.
Pain when i press hard.
No other problem.
But as an when she refer and i received letter form hospital i am in very much tense and not able to sleep.

Please let me know the symptoms of mouth cancer.


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