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I’ve been having this awful pain in my jaw, neck and throat for 4 years now it comes and goes... it’s mostly there all of the time but it’s been just awful since Friday night... my jaw locked up on me but now seems to have loosened but the right back of my throat burns like freaking fire and feels like there’s something almost blocking my air way.... I get momentary relief with an inhaler I’ve been to 4 oral surgeons and 5 ENTs who barely look at me... I’ve drawn diagrams explaining the pain.. spent months on google trying to freaking understand what this is... hundreds of pictures of the inside of my mouth (no joke)... now I know what it his (at least I hope that’s all it is) I believe it’s my  lingual tonsil that is infected/ swollen. I had my normal tonsils removed as a child. It gets better with antibiotics but always comes back... can anyone help me to confirm this. I’m also afraid it maybe cancer as I have been diagnosed with HPV8CFBABD1-0731-441B-A7C0-82028D5A4D8920BB3C95-6913-4419-AFE8-688F11DCD08CAFB26220-EA2B-47AD-82A7-849E3A4E3BF8


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  • 8CFBABD1-0731-441B-A7C0-82028D5A4D89
  • 20BB3C95-6913-4419-AFE8-688F11DCD08C
  • AFB26220-EA2B-47AD-82A7-849E3A4E3BF8
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