HI All,

Maggie has been gioven an appointment for a PET Scan on Wednesday 7th November 1445 hours local time. I sense this is in lieu of the surgical biopsy on the base of tongue tumour.

Maggie now has swelling appearing on the other side of the neck i.e. both sides now appear affected.

She is coping so well just now I am so proud of her: her demeanour is not least surely because of countless prayers of intercession on her behalf from all over the World for which we are both extremely grateful as well as from those without Faith who nevertheless send sincere messages of support and comfort.

Maggie is anxious of course that treatment begin as soon as reasonably practical and pain management is becoming her priority for the moment. The PET scan will be I hope the beginning of establishing a course of treatment which will show something positive being done, but I also hope that her pain management is taken over by the ENT Clinic rather than the GP as currently is the situation.

Thank you again for all your continued support in so many ways for we are so truly blessed, Alan
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Hello Alan,
So i guess its all started. Pain managment is ao important, and helps with the frame of mind no end.
When it hurts you cant see an end to it all.& when you get some relief its all so much more bareable!
& she's so lucky to have you at her side.
Happy anniversary.
Michelle x
Hi Winnie,

Thank you for your thoughts.

The Pet Scan was not onerous, only time consuming: patients require to rest for a full hour absolutely prone after the injection of the radioactive sugar which is the tracking matter for the scan, and then the scan itself generally takes an hour or more. I was not allowed into the Scan unit but with the family/carers of two other patients were kept in a waiting area ajacent to the unit. I knew we could not be there when scanning but thought it would have been comforting for the patient to be accompanied by a friend or carer during the waiting period. However the patients are given a mild sedative to help them rest quietly.

The results will take some days to analyse, but are designed to among other things to locate the cancerous cells with such precision that treatment - Radiotherapy - kills only the malignant cells. The unit we have in Aberdeen is one of only two in Scotland the other being in Glasgow, so I am very grateful we have such a facility literally on our doorstep.

When we get the results and a treatment programme I shall keep you and all our friends here updated as we both value your support and experience.

Hi all.

Maggie has just received an admission card for the ENT Ward at ARI for Monday 3rd December 1.30 pm. We do not know what this is for but suspect it is for the surgical biopsy of her tongue tumour which we had hoped the PET scan would have made redundant.

I am sure Maggie will have another appointment with Mr Ah-see her consulatnat before then to discuss the PET Scan results, but she is anxious for treatment to commence
though appreciates the need for full investigative procedures first.

She is a bit down today believing she would only be a day patient for treatment its not knowing for sure the reason for the admission that is the bother, I will suggest she calls the ward on Monday for clarification.

Thanks again for all your prayers and good wishes, Alan
Hello Angie,

Thanks for asking after Maggie. We have been unable to hasten the admission and we have had no results through from the PET Scan, yes frustrating but not unusual reading the stories here.

Maggie is coping far better than I would have given her credit for, I am surprised. Helping is the fact that next Friday we will be visited by her Stepsister with whom Maggie was really close before she left home to join the RAF. Later we honeymooned with Sheila and Richard but the last time we saw them was in 1982 for Maggie's Dad's funeral.

They are between homes leaving Spain moving to Cyprus and are meantime staying temporarily with Richard's sister in Yorkshire. They asked if they could visit before they leave for Cyprus, - if- we shall put out the red carpet for them it will be such a boost to Maggie's spirits before she goes in for the biopsy a week on Monday.

Yesterday she had the first of what will become regualr visits from the Medical Centre's specialist Cancer nurses, her pain medication has been increased and is monitored constantly.

Will let you all know how we get on after the biopsy and what the prognosis is. So close to Christmas it makes this wait so very poignant then Maggie's 60th birthday on the 7th January.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and best wishes, Alan.
Hi Alan,
I have no words to describe you. You are a wonderful human being. Maggie is very lucky to have you and you her. I am not very good at consoling people but can say that it hurts and hurts from the bottom of my heart.
With all my love to Maggies and you,

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