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Paul's peg is leaking badly, nobody can offer any real help, the gastro man said replacing the tube might not solve the problem, all we have so far is the suggestion of pushing the outside plate tight against his stomach, & changing to an overnight pump feed to slow down the feeding. Anyone got any advice at all
Jennie Sankey
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Dear Caroline/Jennie, Is the tube leaking from the Stome end or the "feeding" end. When we had this problem, & once the Docs had checked there was no abdominal obstruction, we ensured we flushed 50mls water through the tube before a feed & 50mls after the feed. A weekly flush with Coca Cola or Soda water and the problem was solved.
Hope this is of help, best wishes.

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Its leaking from the stoma end, & all the surrounding skin is burnt by stomach acid. Will try soda water, any other ideas anyone Thanks
Jennie sankey
Caroline, sounds as tho blocked at the stoma end. If soda water doesn't help I have heard there is an enzyme derived from pineapple I think, apparently if you have a blocked peg you can get from A&E. Perhaps the Doc can shed some light on this?

All i know is that bromelain is an enzyme derived from pineapple; it breaks down a broad spectrum of proteins, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is effective over very wide pH range. Not heard of its use to unblock a PEG.
There is very useful information at this link on PEG care.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hi. My dad's PEG is leaking from the feeding end. What can we do about that? Some ppl suggested trimming the feeding end and hope it stops leaking. Any suggestions?
Yes my Mom has one and she needs it for feeding, taking medication and liquid. Water. She has had it for about two years. She has a horrible time with it leaking back out through the site itself. It's terrible! She's getting so depressed with the leaking and the soiling of her cloths she ready to scream. She went back to her doctor and he replaced it with a larger tube. He told her she shouldn't have any more problems. WRONG!!!!! She has more leakage now then ever before. I'm afraid she is not getting the nutrition she needs or enough water to keep her hydrated. I would love to share stories with you if you like.

Blessings, Sandy Smiler
Greetings. My life has been simply a nightmare, I had a PEG size 26 French for quite a long time. The leaking from my stoma got worse and worse. The hospital suggested we go down a couple of sizes; and I now have a 20 French PEG. I have lost all IV access, so I can only have a balloon PEG. But the leaking is starting to degrade my skin, and I need to have gauze under my bolster - I need to clean it multiple times a day - my laundry basket is overflowing with soaked clothing. I fear to leave our house. I've tried everything the hospital has suggested, but the leaking is so bad that I can not feed, when I drink a cup of tea it immediately starts to pour out. The last couple of days my skin has started burning so badly I can not sleep, plus my skin which is bright red, raw and bleeding, is causing a lot of pain and itching. I'm desperate to find a solution! It's totally depressing, and it's getting worse every day. Don't know what to do any more.....

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