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Hi! My name is Chris and I am "PEG fed" due to a rare form of visceral neuropathy! Please forgive me for popping in here but I wanted to let you know about a blog!

The blog is just for PEG fed patients ( no matter what the reason and so it is not in any way going to be about one condition but about PEG feeding etc! It is there for everybody eg patients,c arers, family, friends professionals , charities etc etc etc! Anybody and everybody is very very welcome!

I am a member of PINNT which is infact the only charity as a support network for IV and PEG fed "patients" in the community. There are so many many reasons why somebody might need enteral feeding and I am trying to visit as many sites and say hello to as many people as I can throughout the UK and world!!

I would love it if when you pop over and say hello you could leave me a message and ask questions and comment on the content..things which you would like me to discuss OR perhaps you would like to write a short piece which I could use in a posta botu what life is like re your PEG and the care etc you have had specifically re your PEG etc!

I really wanted to say Hello as I know there are so many people I am not reaching and so please please say hello and talk as often as you like on

Wishing you well with your journey through your treatment etc. I so hope you don't mind me joining you. I hope we can stay in touch and if you don't mind I will pop back as often as I can.

With thanks

speak soon!

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