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This is an addictive brownie cake recipe and it gives a brownie depth of about 3 cm. I was searching for a recipe just like those sold at my local coffee shop that closed down 2 years ago. Then mys sister passed her 20 year recipe to me and I am very taken with it. The chopped nuts could be omitted for those who might choke on them, but otherwise it is a soft intense brownie.
Has taken me 2 years to find one I liked.

Soft Chocolate Brownie Cake

6 oz good dark Chocolate – I used 200gm Bourneville (dark) chocolate – my sister uses Green and Blacks dark. End result is the same IMO.
6 oz unsalted Butter – I used Lurpak slightly salted and it was fine
7 oz caster sugar or soft brown – I used caster sugar as was out of brown and it was fine.
3 large eggs size 1 or use 4 medium eggs
2.5 oz plain flour
1 oz chopped nuts – I used about 2 oz hazelnuts and brazil nuts chopped up, but if these are a problem omit them. The nuts sink.

Heat oven Gas Mark 4 or Electric oven 180 deg centigrade.

Butter and line a 9 to 10 inch round springform round tin with paper, butter then cocoa dust - I used 9 inch round sprinform tin.
Break up the chocloate into squares. Melt the butter, chocolate and sugar in a Pyrex bowl in the microwave – I melted them altogether in my 900w microwave for 1 min 40 secs then stirred the chocolate lumps until the choc had melted fully into the mix.
Leave this mix to cool whilst you do something else.

Separate the yolks from the eggs into a small cup or dish
Beat the whites in a spotlessly greasefree bowl until stiff.
Use a fork to mix the beaten yolks into the cool choc mix. If you use the whisk beaters at this stage the mix clings like glue to them and is really hard to get off.

Fold in the flour and nuts to the chocolate mix.

Add a couple of spoons of the whipped whites to slacken the chocolate mix.
Then fold the remaining peaked whites gently into the mix until whites are not visible.
Pour all the mix into tin. It is wet mix so will level out.

Bake in centre of your oven about 40 minutes until the skewer is clean. Avoid overbaking. This is a brownie.
Rising is not essential an dthe cake will not have much more elevation than when poured into the tin. The top will most likely have a cracked crumbling appearance.
Leave to cool in the tin until fully cold.
After removing the cake cover all over with clingfilm/gladwrap and then a freezer bag. Store it in the fridge.

Get very fat on it.
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