Hello Pauline--I was so grareful to you ages ago for rec lmmending blueberry muffins which I was able to eat but had to scoop all the berries out which left just a lot of muff crumbs but very delicious nonetheless! Just thought I'd tell you that5 I found a fine recipe on the web for plain muffins--you wouldn't believe how many disastrous ones there were, varying as much as 2 Gas settings and 20 minutes!
Anyway these are lovely. Very moist. Not too sweet, and unfortunately my children love them. They came calling today to cut the grass but didn't as roots still too wet. So they ate my muffins instead.
If you want the recipe just shout.
Regards Ishbel.
I'm having a bad time with eating at the moment. It varies from week to week really. Then I get paranoid and try to eat too zealously and my throat gets sore. I should know the score by now!
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ROFL - Ishbel I can only say if only I would dare eat one I would be baking them. After teling you about them I had one and in one go the damn thing lifted off a bottom crown. I have not eaten one since as the dental cost was enormous!

I know you have swallowing problems so I agree the cake has to be the right texture. I have invested in a waffle maker from Lakeland -�44. I use the recipe they provide and it makes wonderfull waffles which with our swallow problems do go down really well with maple syrup and cream and a cuppa. It is naughty, but nice and makes me feel normal again.

May I suggest you post the recipe for those without crowns. A good recipe is very useful. A similar recipe that is light is Delias sticky toffee puddings which are bascially muffin batter. I no longer like the dates though.

My taste has improved very dramatically since I started taking zinc sulphate tablets I got from Rosemary's health shop locally, but they are also on the internet. I bought them because they were suggested to improve immunity and that the recurrent oral thrush I had would be helped by it. Wow my nails are longer and my hair growing much faster, but best of all I seem to have regained living tastebuds.

If I don't take them for a week I've noticed my taste subdues. Maybe it's not connected, but I have read zinc does help taste recover.Worth a try to anyone struggling with the killed tastebuds.
Oh and the oral thrush problem is much better too.

I meant to say sorry you are having a lousy time with eating. It does seem to go in patches, but I think trying new things is a good idea duringa good week. In a bad week I stick to old favourite foods that go down easily like rice pudding with extra milk.
Oh poor Pauline--that wasa real financial pain having to have a new crown because of these muffins. I will post that plain muffin recipe tomorrow. Your waffle maker sounds delicious but I don't think I'd be able to swallow the syrup. But I am definitely going to try these zinc tablets for the immune system as I just get one infection after the other and can't keep taking antibiotics.
I'm glad I'm not the only one whose capabilities change like a barometer. I start worrying myself about new tumours and then find the next week I can eat them again.
One thing I did find though. For the past week I've been having a sore throat on wakening and have traced it to inhaling steam before going to bed. Thats's definitely harmed the tissues. Didn't inhale last night and the sore throat subsided.
Isn't this Indian summer lovely. It must be gorgeous around the Malvern Hills you lucky girl!
The tablets are called chelated zinc which makes the absorption better I believe. Basically they are zinc sulphate.
Well I can just about see the Malverns ona clear day if I stand on a chair and gaze into the distance when in my back bedroom office :wow: - but yes they are pretty when we pass abit nearer. Sometimes the area around here almost has a feel of Tuscany.
Hope your throat improves soon.
Belatedly, here is recipe for plain muffins which I recommend to anyone like myself who cannot eat bread or pasta. the consistency seems just right and they are so easy to make. Freeze the ones you won't be eating. Bought ones are fine but contain fruit and other things which I choke on. Ypou can add any fillings to this recipe but it takes away from moistness a bit.

Recipe for about 30 muffins......

(just half ingredients obviously if you r4eqire less)
3 cups self raising flour
1 cup castor (fine) sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
half teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup vegetable oil (that's right)

Mix dry ingrdients and wet ingredients lightly in two separate bowls. Then combine and mix lightly. I don't use a blender for this. Mixture should be well integrated but not totally smooth.
pre-heat oven to 180C--Gas Mark 4. Spoon into greased muffin cases in muffin tins.I fill cases just one third as they swell up beautifully.
Ready in 20-25 mins depending on how you like them.

I don't have muffin tins so use Yorkshire pudding trays. Or just double greaseproof muffin holders will do.

Hope you enjoy them Ishbel

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