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CD61CCF1-670F-4F43-8D78-DF7AB5E94BDCB012149D-C411-4125-BEF4-5A99375EEA6EF7ECAC79-CB71-4D49-A8EF-C9704A2EC6ACJust wanted to post something here and see what people have to say. I do have a dental appointment schedule in a couple of weeks. But just wanted to know if this looks something concerning. Just a patch which is not hurting, but has been there for 4 weeks. It just feels like a dry rough patch.

The top picture is two days ago. 
The middle one is the latest one.

The bottom one is how it started.



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  • CD61CCF1-670F-4F43-8D78-DF7AB5E94BDC
  • B012149D-C411-4125-BEF4-5A99375EEA6E
  • F7ECAC79-CB71-4D49-A8EF-C9704A2EC6AC
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