help!! so on thursday, i went to the orthodontist for an appt. to check my pallete because of irritation from my retainer...we soaked me retainer in listerine and i was on my way. then a few hours later i went to the dentist for some fillings. the day after all of this, i noticed it was hard to swallow food because there was pain on my tongue...i thought maybe i bit the side of it when i was numbed for my fillings, but as the night progressed it got worse, and i hardly slept. it hurts to talk, swallow and eat. i took a flashlight and was able to see quite a few red, raised bumps on the very back of my tongue. i have been researching this because i am freaked out and in so much pain but the only thing i am finding is i may just have irritated circumvallate papillae.
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Hello alaskaprincess

You have most probably been looking at your circumvallate papilla. Your mouth and throat has become sore owing to your keeping it open for long during treatment. The soreness should improve with time. Let us know how you get on.

Tell us about your place, Alaska.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hi, Princess!

Dr. Joshi is probably spot-on - he usually is. That should be welcome news.

Maybe this is a Duh type question, but have you contacted either the orthodontist and/or dentist for pain relief? They're usually more than happy to prescribe pain medication, particularly when their message services contact them on a weekend - they want you feeling better so that you don't continue to call back.

Where are you in Alaska? My brother, a Fresh Water Fish Biologist, lives and works there for the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. He has a great life - his job is his hobby and his hobby is his job.

Best of luck to you!


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