MCF is designing a new leaflet on mouth cancer. This is the final draft. Thank you for the comments received. (Actual quality is better than upload allows. Please click 'Full Screen' setting for for best view of page. Thanks)


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Hard to see detail, Doc but is looks graphic enough and the pics are varied ~ should get people's attention.
Well done.
Excellent! I agree with Deborah--hard to see, but it should get people's attention. It should be available and prominently displayed in clinics everywhere.
I wish a brochure like this was available here in the states.

The only comment I really have about it is shouldn't the leaflet state something about seeking medical attention if you exhibit one or more of the symtoms?

Well done all in all!!!! I'd love to receive one of the leaflets when it's printed and ready for distribution.

Best to you all, Cricket

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