My name is Madhav and I am currently in high school. Me and a friend are currently working on developing an app to diagnose oral cancer and are presenting on this topic next week in Delaware. We are reaching out on this forum to try and receive some feedback about whether this would be a feasible idea and to see what kind of interest people who have been affected by oral cancer would have in such an app.

The goal of our app is to diagnose oral cancer in the earlier stages rather than waiting until it has spread to other parts of the body. In order to accomplish this, our app takes in a series of images of the mouth taken by the user. It then uses artificial intelligence software to analyze the images and output the probability that a person has oral cancer. Of course, the app would not be a 100% accurate and would serve mainly as a means of allowing people to easily determine whether they need to seek further help while not investing time and money to go see an oral physician. The main benefits of our app are that it produces a diagnosis within minutes, it requires little effort from the user, and it can be used by anyone with a phone. 

In order to use the app, the user would simply have to pay 50 cents per image that they input into the app. Providing more images for the software to analyze would lead to a more accurate diagnosis, but would also cost more.

Any feedback regarding whether you think this app would benefit those at risk for oral cancer, if the price of 50 cents per image is reasonable, what age group you think would best benefit from the app, and whether you think other people would be willing to download this app would be an enormous help. Thanks and please let me know if I did anything wrong (this is my first time).

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This is a very interesting concept.  I’m not a medical professional so cannot comment on whether photos and AI would diagnose, however this and other sites do get people posting images of their mouth and asking “does this look like cancer” so to them I guess 50c would be a price with paying. 

Oral cancer is on the increase.  So that’s a factor too.  

Please can you say why you selected this cancer? Because it’s a visible one? Or because you or others have been affected by it.

Good luck  keep us up to date with how it progresses 


Me and my friend recently got into artificial intelligence and its applications. We were doing some research for a competition and we came across oral cancer. We were astounded that over 450,000 people worldwide were diagnosed with oral cancer each year. We did some further research and realized an artificial intelligence network based on pictures might make it easier for people to diagnose themselves with oral cancer. That's how we initially got into this topic.

The reason we posted on this forum is because we wanted the opinions of people that have been affected by oral cancer in some way. We are also in contact with a few oral physicians though.

In regards to your earlier comments, so you do think it would be worth pursuing this idea and that people would be willing to try it?


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