So the 18th December was my one year out of treatment and i wanted to take just a moment to look back at just how far i've come.
Today i'm over at the H & N centre for another check up.
This time last year i was up tp my eyeballs in morphine. & my existance was wake up, puke, sleep, puke, try to feed, puke.... You get it?!
My nerve damage was so severe i couldn't do up buttons, i couldn't even hold a pen. & i was about to have to worse christmas EVER! To be honest, i wanted to go to sleep and never wake up!
My side effects now - well, my hands are still fairly numb but the tingling has improved and it doesn't stop me doing a thing.
My taste buds are 99% ok.
My mouth is still a little sensitive but the actimel drinks keep the thrush away and i don't suffer with ulcers now. & i can enjoy a snowball this x-mas.
Trismus is still the same... no bananas fitting in my mouth!! Eeker
Energys back to norm (i'm working 6 days a week and 12 hour days)
Ears are still dodgey but the tinnitus is far better than before.
Weight - i'm a stone lighter than i was before this and can drop half a stone in a week but i feel ok.
So all in all... i'm doing so well.
Ok, so things wont ever be as they were before, but i dont know if i want to be the person i was before because i love my life now!
I started my own dog grooming business and its far exceding my expectations. Its hard hard work but i love every day of it! & i'm sooo busy.
I love my social life (when i'm not working)
& words cant describe how much i'mlooking forward to savouting every minute of christmas!!

So those in the thick of it... There can be life after caner... be strong and never give up!
Aim high and you'll reach it!

Love to you all...
Michelle x
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Well done Chelle! You've not only been brave you have also inspired others. A very Happy Xmas and an even better New Year to you.
Love and best wishes
I got all teary reading your post, Chelle.
What a distance you have come, even just since we joined the forum back in July (seems like a lifetime ago!). Back then you were having your struggles and looking for support and answers to the challenges you were facing and it was no time before you were the one inspiring others and offering advice. We followed you as you launched your business and knew by your absence that your life had moved on and you were able to set your focus elsewhere.
Well done! A true survivor. I feel very proud of your achievements and your attitude. Onwards and upwards for you, Chelle. Give yourself a pat on the back!
PS Got a great pic of our beautiful puggies today. I'll get Trevor to put them in the album.
Awww thanks guys!!
Appointment went well... i've lost abot a kilo in 2 months but thats because i'm so busy!
& mmy appointments have been moved to every 6 months now YAY!
With ENT (in hastings) in between.
Recurrance is most common in the first yr so thats that one under my belt!
Can't wait to see the pugs debs!
& james, a merry christmas & a prosperous 2008 to you!x
Hey Chelle,
So great to hear life is so good! I have been reflecting on what a difference a year makes too. My anniversary for the end of treatment was 5 December and like you, Christmas 2006 was quite miserable. I could only manage a couple of morsels of food on the big day and was feeling pretty grim. This year, I am really looking forward to tucking into almost anything I fancy (there are still a few things that are tricky to eat). I am so thankful! I have been discharged from Brighton, where I had radio and chemo, and my appointments with my surgeon (had surgery for tongue cancer in August 06 for those who don't know) are becoming further apart too. My speech continues to improve, the saliva is settling down (or maybe I am more used to it now) and the neck dissection scar continues to fade. So, I would also like to encourage others who are going through treatment at the moment that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know I didn't feel that way this time last year, no matter what people said, but please believe it because it is true for me and so many other people! Happy Christmas to you all (with a special hello to Dave and Sue), S
So good to read your post chelle. I am so pleased that all is well for you. Also lovely to hear that your business is so busy. What a different Christmas you will be having this year!

Hug coming your way

Mum x
Hi! Michelle,
Like everybody I would also like to congratulate you on your First birthday of the "C" being finished and will look forward to your second, third, fourth ETC ETC. Good luck with your New dog business( and I don't mean droppings).
I have posted the photos of our Pugs for all to see. Do have a very Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year.
Love Trev
Hi Chelle,

This is one post I am definitely going to show Maggie - tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done the medical fraternity can do their bit but it is always the Patient who conquers!!!!!!

All my love Alan xx
Welcome back Alan,
It's been awhile hearing from you, How is Maggie? I hope she is being looked after by you as the greatest help around is from the ones that love you and you them.
I would like to wish you and Maggie a very happy Xmas and a prosperous and healthy 2008.
Love to you both TREV
Were your ears burning Chelle ?

My mum was pretty down this lunch time and so I was telling her your story.

Every little piece of good news cheers her up. I wish she could meet you and Trev.
Hi! Winnies Mum,

Here is something to give you a chuckle.

An Elderly couple were celebrating their 60th anniversary.
The couple had married as childhood sweethearts and had moved back to their old neighbourhood after they retired.
Holding hands they walked back to their old school.
It was not locked, so they entered, and found the old desk they'd shared, where Andy had carved "I love you, Sally."
On their way back home, a bag of money fell out of an armoured car, practically landing at their feet. Sally quickly picked it up, But not sure what to do with it, they took it home.
There, she counted the money -- fifty-thousand dollars.
Andy said, "We've got to give it back."
Sally said, "Finders Keepers." She put the money back in the bag and hid it in their attic.
The next day, two FBI men were canvassing the neighbourhood looking for the money, and knock on the door. "Pardon me, but did either of you find a bag that fell out of an armoured car yesterday?"

Sally said, "No."
Andy said, "She's lying. She hid it up in the attic."
Sally said, "Don't believe him, he's getting senile."
The agents turn to Andy and began to question him.
One says: "Tell us the story from the beginning."
Andy said: "Well, when Sally and I were walking home from school yesterday . . .
The first FBI guy turns to his partner and says, "We're outta here!"

Today Deb and I went out for a drive Eeker(this is not a joke) and we went to KFC as I have been hanging out for a bit of chicken and I tried a Crispy Strip dunked into plenty of dipping sauce (I had a Pepsi Max as well) and it went down like a treat so that is after about 3 weeks from when I started eating so all GOOD things come to those who can stand to wait.
Oh by the way tell Winnie to keep in touch or you will have to learn how to work the computer.

"Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory."

Albert Schweitzer:
Dear Michelle,
So its not just a reason to celebrate xmas and the New year - but also a new life as well. This combo seems the best ever. Congratulations and celebrations - and let them all keep continuing.

With lots of love,xxx and hugs,
Hi Michelle
As someone who is relatively new to all this can I say how helpful and inspiring it is to hear stories such as yours. Thank you
Good for you Chelle. You can call yourself an official cancer kicker now. The years get easier from here on in. Congratulations and all the best for your new business.
Hi all,
I was so happy with everything that was going on - I'd like to add my two bit and especially today - today is the day when the I had my tracheostomy and the insertion of my peg tube.Seven years have passed and one thing I am thankful for it times seems to be moving fast. I know it may sound crazy but the fatser the better. I need to be reicarnated and am planning to come back as my self but with a few changes here and there. No drinking or smoking - but the rest (ladies!!) I would like to retain all the vices I have had in this one. I am pretty sure I will get another chance to live at the edge of all life!!!
With lots and lots of love and kisses and hugs,
Whoa! What ~ back again?????? I think you have to re-think your plans, Ananth. It's time to give someone else a go and besides, if you're coming back to do all the same again you're putting a lot of pressure on the few mothers and grandmothers here on the site to get the word out to be passed down through the females in our lines to be on the lookout ...... and beware!
Dear Deb,
Why did you think I said return as myself? I just love women and I think thats a healthy sign of a guy who thinks with his heart???? I do feel sorry for the mums and the grandmums and even fathers- those who will be lucky enough to have someone like me born into that family. As I said however, a few minor adjustments and fine tuning will have to be done. I cannot think of anyone else who deserves such a miserable life!!Smiler. Not many will be able to handle it - remember the saying - SO MANY WOMEN SUCH LITTLE TIME?
Keep your fingers crossed!!!Smiler

Tons and tons of love andxxx and hugs ( these are special ones),
Oh dear Fran!! for Ananth that is a doomsday scenario; have you no sympathy for the poor chap? just think about him/her standing there in a pretty floral dress wondering what to do next.
Keep Smiling Razzer
Dear Fran,
John is totally right. it seems you have no sympathy for me and now even you've John visualising me in a pretty floral dress what to do next. However, if that happens even by the smallest of errors, I will never forgive this guy who gets born in my place!!!Smiler
I am fully confident that I will be back as myself and properly as a man. Do not confuse me anymore as I would not like to return as someone , you all know like who!!!

Lots of love Fran, a million kisses and hugs,
John, you get the love and hugs ( unless Frans words come true and I am standing there in my floral dress!! ) Smiler

I can only imagin what it would be like with this neat looking Belly Dancer chatting up all the Guys and having a liason in Barcelona & New Delhi. I wonder if there would still be the Postings??


You see things; and you say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

George Bernard Shaw
Dear Dr. Joshi,
You got it partially right - the "hugging" bit - but "saint"? I do not think I will be doing justice to all the hugs I have been distributing. 'Hugging Devil " would be more appropriate. I am grooming myself for becoming more perfect in my next life. SmilerSmiler
Lots of love and HUGS,
Dear Trev,
Now you got me thinking at a time when my brain is refusing to understand anything. I am all mixed up but will be back with my idea of dancing in Barcelona and Delhi soon enough.
Lots of love and HUGS ( Vinod - please note - and would you explain the "Amma" bit).
HUGS again for you,
Hi there Michelle, sorry I missed your posting a couple of days ago which I see you now been taken over - it's that man again - Just wanted to say congratulations, you are an inspiration to everyone and thank you for being there, I have very much appreciated you advice and support. Your postings have made me laugh and made me cry. Lets all look forward to a brighter 2008.
Figment of imagination has taken over? I'd let Liz/Michelle answer that one. Hey folks - dont you feel the pain that all those who have been through this trauma of cancer would be in a better positiion to talk or congratulate someone - or someone who just wants to but in for the heck of it - not knowing anything about how it feels.
By the way as I am not British and do not know what is when - just wanted to know ; Is it always open season on Cheshire cats? I have read they been listed as dispensible?
Have a little consideration and respect for a lovely lady, don't rain on Michelle's parade. If you want to see this cats claws change the topic. Warning: You don't stand a chance
Practise what you preach. I have no intention on upstaging Michelle or anyone else. Its just that the topics seem to veer from one thing to another. I am not too fond of starting a battle of words unless I am forced to. If you felt so strongly about "that man" why did you not talk about it openly instead of putting it in another manner.
I have always had consideration and respect for Michelle and my earlier posts stand witness to the same. I am not keen on checking out your claws but if am driven to it - I will cut the claws off and just leave the grin with all the teeth showing as the cat does (you have heard about the cat right?). There is no way you can take me on and win a battle as I am just not used to loosing and am pretty sure - it wont be you who would claw me but I who will remove your claws.
Take care and think - do you want your claws intact or want to try and save them and this time - no interference from anyone except sparring between the two of us. If you are game - go for it.As for not standing a chance lets see who stands one.
Down, boy! The testosterones are Wow "Shields up, No 1" says Picard. Wink

Ananth, 'that man' in the above context was just an expression used. I read it as more like an oblique honour to your ability to create such interesting posts that make easy to overlook earlier ones. Angie didn't have any intention to rile you. We are all friends here. Yes

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee Coffee
Dear Vinod and the entire rdoc family,
Here is wishing you all a great cristmas ( I keep repeating myself !!)- but this post is more an apology for my outburst and in the manner you put it across to me. I have never meant to upstage anyone or upset anyone - but just have been making things a wee bit interesting at my own expense. There are things I would never ever have revealed to the world - what I have done so here as its nice if one looks forward to the next episode!!Smiler. I with all honesty put forth that such an outburst will not take place from my side at least.

Thanks a ton Vinod - really needed that talk.
lots of love and HUGS from "Amma" or "Saint Hugs". You have still not explained what was Amma in this context.


We are all guilty of hijacking each others threads which is unavoidable really as each others experiences trigger memories of our own journeys.

Although at times you exasperate me Wink, I love reading your posts and all about what you are getting up to.

Robert has asked if you are looking forward to Boxing Day (something to do with cricket I think Thinking)

Happy Christmas to everyone.

My dear Lorraine.
First things first - A very very happy Christmas to the to wonderful couple and yes I meant you and Robert!!Smiler
Guilty as may be - we all like to help the thread to carry on and its been moving prety well. I promised Vinod - I will not take on anyone anymore as I cannot stand sore Loosers!!!Smiler Wink and winning in a battle of words against me is something a lot of pople have tried - however everyone is welcome to try as there is always a first chance to beat me.

I know I exasparate a lot of people not just you - but Lorraine do remember I take the entire onus of being and playing the joker on myself ,as its one way to keep everyones mood and heavy thinking - very light. Laughter is the best medicine for everyone here - it helps in healing faster and gives thos people even with the most serious thoughts a chance to smile.

Ahh Boxing Day - 26th. of December when the ides of December come calling and India begin their Aussie thrashing. I for one have payed a lot to get the live feed and wont miss the match for anything in the world. Even as far as kicking the buscket - in the evnt it comes along I'll make sure its postponed till the series is over and the Aussies have been trashed nice and proper. I know a lot of people will say if camels could fly beggars would be multi millioners!! Australia has not lost a test for so many years on home gound and its time they did and its time a team that has the players and the guts to do it. All I can say is ;" CHAK DE INDIA" - get rid of them India!!!

Do tell Robert to post once in a while - as it will be nice to hear his view on the Aussies getting thrashed.SmilerSmiler

Plenty of love and xx and hugs,
Thank you everyone for your support & i'm glad i can be a beacon for life after cancer!
I'm quite proud of my accomplishments this year, and i know my family are also proud.
Cancer will always be a part of my life though. It will always be there lurking and maybe even tap me on the shoulder again some day.
But until then i'm going to apreciate what i have right now!

Best of health and happyness to all in 2008
Luv Michelle

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