Finally got to see the restorative dentist today. My teeth are starting to fail but dentures aren't an option and dental implants are the only thing they can do. Just the thought of any major work going on in my mouth freaks me out so it looks like the dentist is just going to have to pull them out as they rot and eventually I'm going to be toothless. At least you don't have to chew red wine lol. Life's a bitch sometimes.
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I think the distorted mouth and limited (20mm) mouth opening makes dentures out. He's well up for doing implants but I got major stressed in there with just the thought of it. It'll be panic attack central if I say yes to having that done. The thought of major mouth pain would give me nightmares.
Hi Hagg, Das to hear this.
The Radiotherapy rotted my teeth and they could not take them out incase of infections as already half of jaw dead.
I have gone from being promised implants and i was spo happy which my consultant said no to, Then something to hold in my bottom denture its no base to hold denture and no to that.
Go for the implants after what I have suffered with my teth implants would be easy.


Hi all,my restorative dentist wants to do implants but when I went to see my old consultant in the midlands,who I see yearly he said he did,nt feel implants are a good idea,his words they always fail and ORN is a horrible disease and wrote to my new consultant telling him he did,nt think I should have them due to having had radiotherapy in that area.i hav,nt heard from my new consultant yet.i will let you know how things go.hope the decision not left to me?xx
We do suffer with our teeth after the wonderful radiation.
They like to keep us waiting too.
My restorative dentist is thinking of building up some of my teeth and maybe filing some down.
Had the impressions done but have to wait for next appointment and told it will take several visits.
Also getting fat taken from stomach put into where they removed parotid gland but that's with another consultant.
Hagg what do you mean by a distorted mouth?
Valerie have you not got your next appointment yet.
If I was given the chance of implants I would do it even though I know I would need bone grafts. I certainly cant carry on as I am now.
Good luck everyone.
I had a flap done when I had my reconstructive done LR but when I had the xrays done yesterday they had to do it 4 times because they couldn't get the plastic holder thing in my mouth properly. They tried making a plate for me years ago but everytime they tried pullingthe mould out of my mouth it just broke up. I think they would need to dislocate my jaw to get it out in one piece.
my teeth wernt in great condition before the radiotheraphy as i had a irational fear of dentists, after a very bad experience as a kid at the hands of a put me off dentist for life. i have been over the years when i was in extream pain and not had too many problems but in the back of my mind was the butcher......

to my shame i have pulled 9 of my own teeth out.!!!.

had a few more teeth pulled 8 months after the radiotheraphy by the oncology dentist. while i was sedated and undergoing another operation Smiler
i only have a couple of teeth left now but i have strong gums and can eat most things no problem Razzer
Hi Lr. Teeth aren't great but got another consultant appt in October to plan for the implants. Not sure that I really want them but if I dont I'll have no teeth at all soon and the consultant said dentures aren't an option so its rock and a hard place really. Hope you're well.
hi hagg
pleased to see you are doing well apart from your gnashers or rather lack of them,that's one of the worse problems isn't it,my teeth are ruined from the rt and like paul they cant touch mine because of the risk to my health of orn,although so far i have been lucky in that respect.i live on soft food anything with mash lol,but i long to be able to tuck into a little bit of steak or even chicken would be nice.let us know how your october appt goes,i can relate to how you feel about having any dental work it freaks me out now although it never did i am back after being diagnosed again it's nice to see a familiar friendly face.take care and i hope you get your implants shirl xxx
Hi Shirl. Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed again but nice to hear from you. I'm not sure how I managed to miss most of your recent posts tho I am renowned in these parts for my massive observational skills. Well done on the giving up smoking. It's something I need to do but constantly battle with. I wouldn't mind but I still rather enjoy it which doesn't help.
Take care of yourself, always hear if you need an ear.
Good to see you back, Hagg.

Sorry to hear your teeth are such a problem - RT has a lot to answer for.

I couldn't agree more about wanting to be able to eat some steak - or even chicken. The problem is my throat rather than my teeth - so far anyway - although I have had eight or nine molars crowned, meaning that chewing is not nearly as efficient as it would be with normal teeth. I can't get on with mash - or any potato, come to that. For some reason it is totally the wrong consistency. The only pasta I can comfortably deal with is linguine. I have substituted mince for corned beef, which works very well, and I can manage sausages again (as long as they are not spicy) but they have to be skinned and boiled and then thrown in the casserole. Christmas Dinner is always a challenge and I have to have Yorkshire Pudding instead of roast potatoes and have to have PLENTY of gravy. All very frustrating, but manageable.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies
Have you had to have extractions or have you teeth fallen out?
Will you have to do hyperbaric oxygen again. Would they even fund that again now?
I know it is a horrible thought but I would do bone grafts and implants now and all the travel for hyperbarics.
Hope you are still riding that bike and rocking.
Teeth are just breaking as time goes on. I did 7 weeks of hyperbaric last time It was so boring. In at 9 til half 12. Hour for lunch and then back for 3 and a half hours in the afternoon. Don't want that again lol. Too boring.
Still riding and rocking. Some things will never change :-) :-) :-)
Is you jaw bone strong enough for implants or would you need bone grafts?
If you don't want them can I disguise myself as you and have them done.
I've been going up to maxillo for so long they would never believe you lol.
Yes jaw should be ok for the implants Lr.

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