Hello everyone,
Two weeks ago I had the right side of my tongue lasered (a third has been lasered off) to remove the squamous cell carcinoma.
This gave me a swollen numb tongue. The swelling is going down now but the tongue is still numb.
I also had sentinel nodes biopsy so am awaiting results of this. Got a nice scar on right side of my neck.
My question is......will my tongue return to normal? Or will it stay numb forever?
I have some difficulty chewing food cause I'm worried I'd bite the numb part of my tongue and possibly take a chunk out of it then I wouldn't know I'd done it. Have any of you experienced problems eating with a numb tongue?
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The left side of my tongue was numb for quite a while, as I recall, after my partial glossectomy and resection. It felt like it was asleep. The nerves eventually grew from my native tongue into my flap; it's better but not exactly the same. Even now, I bite my "store bought" tongue from time to time.

Nerves really are strange things. It's been nearly 13 years, but I still get the occasional twitch in my flap, and an unpleasant stabbing pain in the donor site on my right forearm.

I know I haven't answered your question, but this has been my experience.


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