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2 years ago I was diagnosed with oral cancer, and had part of my right jaw removed.  They also removed lymph nodes, but thought that they had caught it in time and it hadn't spread.

A few months ago I noticed a growth at the front of my mouth on my lower gum line (I had had my bottom teeth removed for the previous op). It's a notch about half inch high x an inch wide and sticks up from my gumline on the right side.

After several scans and biopsies, I have been told it is cancer, and I can have a short course of radiotherapy to hold it back but after that I will have about 3-6 months to live.

I'm 78 years old, and have had a good life, and I'm okay about the dying bit.  What concerns me is how I will die and what I will suffer.

I presume that the growth will start again shortly after radiotherapy, and it will stop me eating, talking, swallowing etc.

I don't fear my own death: I fear the unknown.  Will somebody please be brave enough to tell me how this cancer is likely to progress and kill me?  I would prefer to know in advance, and be able to mentally prepare myself rather than just be passive and wait to see what happens.

Thank you.



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