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Hi, Willie!

Sorry that no one has responded to your message but it's been busy around here lately! Not only Christmas but the British Boxing Day. Dr. Joshi may be on vacation and will certainly get back to you when he is able.

There are many threads here that relate to your difficulty and am sure that the good Doctor will give you links to them.

Hang in there, buddy. There are lots like you who are living full productive lives.

Hello Willie

Several laryngectomy patients have learnt to speak using speaking aids. You will find more information about this in the posts in the Laryngectomee Forum. If you are unable to swallow, you will have to adjust to your new 'normal'. Many patients have successfully fed through a 'PEG'. You might find Ananth's Story inspiring as he fed through a 'PEG' for eight years.

Best wishes for the New year,
Vinod Coffee

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