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It is with great sadness that i am telling you that Nige passed away yesterday afternoon . It was very peaceful and he was at home with us all and his mum and brother were at his side when he slipped away. He was very happy in the surroundings he was in and we have had some fun happy days sitting in the sun with him. Nige even managed to get the strength up to nip for a couple of pints with his brother the night before.Thanks for all your support i told him you had all asked about him xx
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Hello Charly

Nigel lived his life doing things and not fretting about problems. I remember having to ask for him to get back from Thailand after seeing the photo of the tongue ulcer he had! His zest for life could be felt as he posted about how he relished his first glass of Guinness as he recovered from radiotherapy. As soon as he felt a little better, he volunteered to help with increasing awareness at the Brunner Mond health fayre (see pics in the Community Album ) and went back to enjoy his diving. Going to the pub with his bother the night before was Nigel, he did everything his way. He is a great inspiration to us.

Rest in peace, Nigel.
I had the pleasure of meeting Nigel and Lyn (Charly) last September when we volunteered to man a stand for the MCF at a health and safety exhibition. What I thought was going to be a rather sombre couple of days, to my delight, because of the nature of Nige and Lyn and in the company of John Spencer, the two days turned into fun with lots of laughter.

I was impressed by Nige’s tenacity towards his illness. Despite still having problems with his speech, he was more than willing to talk, very positively, to any enquirers who came to the stand, about what he had been through,. He was so intent on getting over what he seemed to think was a hiccup that when we heard he was back in Thailand, it was typical of the man and came as no surprise that he was getting on with the rest of his life.

All the more devastating to hear Nige was back in the UK with the return of this disgusting relentless disease, which has no respect of man or his merit.

A lovely, charming man, courageous to the end. The pain is over now Nige, goodbye my friend, I am privileged to have known you.
Dear Charly,

I am so very sorry to hear about Nigel's death. He has been on my mind a great deal during the last week and I have found myself asking lots of futile questions about how and why his cancer could have recurred without being spotted earlier. I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like for you.

I suppose the fact that Nigel had spent time in a region of Asia where I lived for many years and shared my passion for diving made him seem a very kindred spirit and I was delighted when he was able to go back there earlier this year. I can almost visualise him under water with the stunning ocean life that inhabits the waters round Krabi.

I am greatly impressed that he managed to get down the pub the night before he died. How totally amazing! My Dad died of cancer at quite a young age and spent the last six weeks bed ridden and having to rely on my Mum to do absolutely everything for him. It was very undignified and I am so glad that Nigel didn't have to suffer too much in that way.

My thoughts will continue to be with you and your family at what must undoubtedly be a very sad and painful time.

Best wishes,

Dear Charly, Nigel has been in my thoughts ever since you made your first enquiry & his photo appeared on the site.I gave a cheer when he seemed to have recovered so well, & have fondly imagined him swimming about in his favourite places in the last weeks.
News of his passing has been a shock to us & I feel so sad for you all. Please pass on my condolences to his family & comfort yourself with the thought that you did everything you could to help him. Lots of love, Fran.
Dear Charly ,we were so shocked to hear the sad news .We have been offline for a while and were really taken aback to read about Nigel.It was indeed comforting to know he spent a good evening with his nearest and dearest .

Our thoughts and condolances are sent to you and the family with our prayers .You must be feeling so lost and sad.Please keep in touch with us all .

lots of love ,

Paul and Bell.
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It is sad that Nigel has passed on. He was an inspiration for others to follow. Yes, he had cancer and went through the treatment, but didn't look back. Lived life to the fullest and went back to enjoying the things he loved.

His passing is a reminder to me to live each day to the fullest and enjoy each day like it could be my last. This is what I attempt to do, but sometimes stray.

Some people I know have tears in their eyes when they see me the first time since my treatments. Tears of happiness that I am still doing the things I enjoy. Many tell me that I have made them stronger since they have followed me on my journey and have seen that within reason I have not allowed the difficult times to control my life.

This is how we all can make the best of our situation as we continue on this journey of life.
From what I feel - friends such as Nigel, who was a special friend - never pass away. They are always alive withen those who care for them. Nigel, for all reasons, is still very much alive. He may not be around physically but he is very much there, here and every where.Each one have their beliefs and this is mine. I in no manner will give my condolnces to a friend who is alive.
It may sound daft - however, I have been to be daft.
Thanks Charly for reminding us of Nigel's departure from this planet. I took the opportunity to read back and see my post of 23 March. I also took note of Ananth's post of 19 April.

Helps to remind me to renew my attempts to live each day to the fullest and enjoy each day like it could be my last.

Nigel and Ananth were instrumental in reinforcing these thoughts and lately I have done some back sliding. Will do my best to get back on track.
Thanks for all your lovely replies and the link Dr J ..

Thats one thing our Nige did was live life to the fullest he never moaned and always had that smile on his face .He carried on going to parties (even sneaked out of hosp to attend a BBQ and a few cans with us) and managed to get back to his beloved Thailand and was still on that boat diving 2 weeks before he passed . He wouldn't stop bloody smoking tho i feel that was his downfall Roll Eyes I do miss him

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