My name is Paul Martin, I am 71, married and living in North East Wales. Last July I was diagnosed with Tonsil cancer with a secondary which had spread into the Lymph nodes in the left side of my neck. Subsequently, in August, I underwent laser surgery on my tonsil and conventional surgery on my neck to remove lymph nodes and vessels. I then underwent 6 weeks of RT with 8 doses of Chemotherapy spread across those 6 weeks. This treatment finished on November 9th and on March 8th this year I am glad to say I was given the all-clear by my oncologist. During this time I was lucky enough to recover to full physical fitness within a couple of months. This, according to my specialists, was down to my existing fitness level before my op. which was the result of regular hill-walks and hikes since I retired 5 years ago. Living where I do it is almost impossible to walk anywhere without encountering a hill of some sort! This is only partially true as the real heroine here was my wife, Pat, who nursed me through the dark days and remains my rock to this day.
However, there are 3 side-effects which I am struggling with at present and I have no idea how long they may last or whether they may never disappear totally: 1. lack of saliva; 2. minimal taste; 3. lack of appetite.
I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has been through a similar experience as myself and is currently suffering, or has in the past suffered from the same side-effects.

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Thanks for a great post.  It’s  inspiring to read your story over adversity.  

I hiope someone sees this feed and offer their advice.  I was very lucky and saint radio or chemo so can’t comment personally. 

Well done and thanks for the post. 

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