Hi, new to this group.

I'm Paul, 49 years old and from London.

Last July I was diagnosed with a T4 N1 M0 Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the left mandible.

I've had my l/2 of my lower jaw removed & replaced with bone & tissue from my lower leg plus a neck dissection to remove my Lymph Node.

I spent 12 nights in hospital (3 nights ITU, 4 nights HDU then 5 in a private room). 6 weeks after discharge I started 6 weeks of radiotherapy that was completed at the end of October last year so am coming up to a year in remission.

Looking forward to sharing my experiences.
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Paul, Stage 4 Mouth Cancer Is Gone

November 5, 2017
Just gt out of the hospital yesterday. I am one happy Stage 4 mouth cancer free survivor! Squamous Cell Carcinoma is the name – gone forever is the game. I will have to have radiation to make sure that there are no hidden or unseen cancer cells lurking around. But that will be after I heal. My jaw is still swelled but the surgeon said it looks great and should be as good as new within the next couple months. What "I want to know about is the radiation. Should I or shouldn't I go through with it since they got all the cancer? What are the side effects and what can you tell me that will me feel better during the 6 weeks of radiation process?
Hi Marcella, sounds like you and I went through exactly the same operation!!

As Hagg has said, I would still have the radiotherapy. I was in the same situation where they said the operation had been a "success" but the radiotherapy would add an extra layer of assurance.

Side effects I had were - lack of taste (everything tasted of cardboard!), chronic fatigue (I don't think I slept so much since I was a teenager), loss of appetite (this started on week 4 and went through to 2 weeks post treatment). Depending on where they will be focussing the radiation, you may lose a patch of hair (I lost a bit at the base of my neck on the opposite side of the tumor site). It also killed off the leg hair where they used the donor skin to replace my gum (result as didn't fancy trying to shave inside my mouth!!) and the hair on the side of the tumor no longer grows meaning I can only ever have half a beard or half a mustache.

I'm just through 12 months since I finished radiotherapy and haven't looked back in terms of health and wellbeing so look at it as 6 weeks of inconvenience for a lifetime of memories.

Good luck with your recovery.


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