I have just seen a new product from Biotine called oral balance, it will be coming out soon, if anyone in the UK is having trouble getting it when it is released I would be happy to help out while I am in the USA
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The new Biotene spray looks interesting.
Do you think it will replace the water bottle which has to be carried at all times?

Dr. Joshi, as Biotene is said to be antibacterial, do you think that using the products regularly could help prevent Oral Thrush?
Hi Fran

From what I understand, the 'Oral Balance' refers to using the mouthwash, gel and toothpaste together to help maintain a healthy balance of oral flora, reducing harmful bacteria while sustaining beneficial bacteria. Biotène products contain antibacterial enzymes found naturally in human saliva. Biotène contains three primary enzymes - Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase, and Lysozyme, which are carefully balanced for a special function in boosting and replenishing saliva's own defenses. Together, these ingredients re-create the natural oral protection found in the mouth, providing antibacterial and healing properties. So it may help prevent oral thrush but no randomized clinical trials have been carried out to support their use.

See my post about Thrush for more information about it.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Thanks for your pointer to the research paper on oral thrush. I think I'll have to get a spare set before I'm prepared to put any of my dental goods into the microwave!

I#ve come across a product called "ThreeLac", which claims to contain active elements that destroy the fungus that causes candida. But my problem is that all the material on the Web is self referential, and I haven't come up with any serious peer-reviewed studies, or indeed anything other than anecdotal citations from unkown persons.

All of which makes me suspicious. Is there anything in the medical literature about this stuff?

Hi everyone.
I have been using biotene products for 2 months. As we are all aware the importance of oral health is paramount, as this product has natural enzimes found in saliva it is a good balance. I also am using pilocarpine (salagen) tablets. I take 30mg a day 6 tablets and have done for 3 months. Using a combination of these treatments my water consumption has gone from 3.5 litres a day to 1 to 1.5. I clean my teeth, floss and use mouthwash after every meal or when I eat anything. Again I am sure you are all aware how difficult it is to remove the debris left by food intake when you have extreme Xerostomia (dry mouth). I would be interested to try the spray as mentioned by Sammie. Maybe he would be kind enough to email me and I can ask him to post some to me. (I will pay you of course) As usual UK are slow in receiving new products. James Bagnell
has anyone tried the BioXtra products. These are really great for dry mouth and contain not only enzymes but also other natural mouth proteins.

The new spray just feels like saliva.

Some studies done in newcastle on radiotherapy patients showed it was much more effective than Biotene.
In respect of posts about oral health, my specialist recommended a tooth brush with a rough area on the back of the brush area.
These are available.

Following teeth cleaning draw this rough area over the tongue to remove debris.

After certain foods it is remarkable how much is removed from the tongue's surface. Yes, oral hygiene is vital.

Many thanks for advice on Salagen products and BioXtra tablets.

I had awful problems with Dry Mouth since completing treatment for base of tongue cancer in July 2010. Constant drinking, gels, sprays and synthetic saliva’ 24/7/ became unbearable. I found in the US a Colonel Richard Niemtzow who discovered, developed and still practices his Dry Mouth treatment in Maryland.USA. He also created battlefield acupuncture and is the world renowned authority on these treatments.

I exhausted places in the UK to be treated with his protocol. so visited him July 9th, 2011 and within the first of only two sessions was able to produce saliva again. No more gels, sprays and synthetic saliva since this date and unbroken sleep since.

I was profoundly affected at the results of the treatment so started in the UK The Dry Mouth Foundation. www.drymouthfoundation.org. but you could visit the colonel via his website www.n5ev.com

Let me know how you get on.

Terry Gannon.
Dry Mouth Foundation.

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