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when i went for my check up i met my new dietician.her name is hala she knows all about bariatric surgery which is helpful too me.she was shocked by what i ate or rather the lack of it.she said no wonder you are so low your energy levels must be in your boots!she is determined to get me off of the peg feeding and get me eating a lot better.i am looking forward to the challenge.love shirl xxx
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Dearest Shirl,
I really, truly wish you start eating normally with the help of the peg and am sure you will seeing your determination. I used to feel misreable watching the whole world eat, while I just had to sit around and have just high protiens etc. liquids for my meals. However, after eight years on the peg and with the problem having surfaced, I would not even attempt to get the doc to do anything to eat orally. If I did and it was a sucess, it would become another problem as I would have to start learning how to eat normally again orally and get rid of the peg. I think my life is just fine at the way it is - but again I really want you to eat normally again without the help of the peg tube.
Lots of love, xxxx and warm (or rather Hot) hugs from a hot, really very hot India,

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