Howdy Shirl
Had a look in at your pics and they're great. You must feel fantastic ~ you look great!
Like you, Trevor had been very overweight and he started with Weight Watchers and was making good progress ~ then I saw the lump in his neck. We shudder to think what might have been had he still had his fat neck ......... Doesn't warrant thinking about.
Luckily for us all, the weight was lost and the lumps were found and we've all had that extra time. Ahhhhhhhhh bliss.
I can't wait to see lots more pics being posted by all and sundry. Come on everyone, let's have a look at you. It's been quite a while since there were any new snaps. Elaine ~ let's see a picture of that new ring!
Happy days everyone
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I just spent about an hour getting it all together and kaboom! I don't even remember the rude message but it was something about how it couldn't be posted.


I'll try again tomorrow and if that doesn't work I'll send the whole mess to Krishan in some form or other and maybe he'll have better luck. (Only kidding, but I really think this time it's the fault of the system, not mine!)

hi debs and gwen
thanks for looking at my album,it took me long enough only about 2 years lol to work out how to use and technology do not get on!debs i was quite surprised when you said trev was a big lad before he joined weightwatchers but he did very well getting the weight husband pointed out to me if i had not lost weight we never would have seen the lumps in my neck too.i had an extremley fat neck which also caused severe sleep apnoea and 6 years it took to be diagnosed with sleep apnoea and when they tested me it turned out i was stopping breathing at least 800 times a night,no wonder i was so tired all the time.anyway thanks shirl xxx

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